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chat room

Hello Peta,

The FHUK Tool bar is one of the items I've always had minimised. In 18 months no one has ever mentioned the chat room as far as I can remember. :2fun: I wonder why. :rolleyes:

You can see with 92 pages that the General Chat board has been used a tad, by three especially. >:D


Hello Peta,

I think there are members here who once they have entered won't be able to find the door to leave. :2fun:


Hello Peta,

I'm about to go and will be back in about 90 minutes. I'm not even sure if it existed on the previous version of the forum software. This version is only about two weeks old and it may have come enabled by default.

I think Steve and gibbo and Oz would use it.


Hi Pee Wee

I didn't know there was one on here !!! I have used one on another site, thank ~God I taught myself to touch type. The speed of them is something else !! :2fun:

Have you had a break from the site, as I have not seen your name up that much, or perhaps you are one of the night owls as you are down under !!

I try to come on about 10am our time, but with grandchildren around and other things to do in the garden during the summer, I sometimes do not get around to it until you are in bed.

See you soon

Hiya peta ,
as regards the chatroom , I tried to keep it going , but no one had any interest in going on there , i asked for some of the members to try it out and met with a negative response from those that did answer the post , http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/showthread.php?t=11039
that is the link to the post , it was posted in august 2009 , most of the members claim they are happy with just leaving messages in the general forum for some reason , after six months being in the chatroom on my own i didnt bother with it anymore and found a chatroom on another site
Best regards ,
I figured that was what had happened. Pity. . Hi Maddie yes I did have a break. Had so much happening here that I had to leave the family history searching for a while. Just wasn't worth it with all the interuptions. I was managing to confuse myself well & truely. Plus I have a daughter with an intellectual disability. & any paper work lying around is fair game for her to draw on. I have some very squiggly notations on my notes that aren't mine. :2fun:
What other chat rooms are you in?
I've just had a peep in. I find the grey screen and faint type a bit hard to read. Anyway there was just me there. I'm 2 1/2 hrs behind you in S.A. I guess just typing a message is easier. Cheers.
Hi, there was a "Chat Room" on my regimental website, but the main problem was getting people to agree a time when they would log in. My excuse is I care for my disabled wife, and therefore unable to commit what time I could be on here. With Autumn fast taking hold I won't be on here much after 7pm in the evenings. But I am enjoying the forum........it's one of the best.