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Checking Surgestions

New Zealand
Hi , Every time I have posted on this forum I have been given Good advice but frequently have been told I check out these Surgestions ,But how? I know it may seem a silly Question but what steps do you take to check a lead if 1. you are on the other side of the world
2. You have no other info to check against.
As you can see I am fairly new at this.
Chris Baker
New Zealand
Hello Chris,

I've read all the posts and I'm not sure it's all sorted or that we even have the right Gwenlian.

I will see if it can be made clearer and then what the next step might be to help you.

Re the Godparents, it's not often you see them mentioned on baptism records.


Thanks for all your help Dave , But can someone answer my question how do you check the surgestions or possibilities before you head down that family line
I think checking suggestions, would mean backing them up with birth/marriage/death certs, or parish registers to confirm what has been found for you.
Most of the suggestions are obvious, and it is possible to take them on face value, but certs etc. would confirm all the given info for sure.