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Checking your own info?


dovercourt but born Enfield
Just looking at someone's info on their tree on antree and cauldnt believe the information.
Shows a death in 1899 and then goes on to show the same person on the 1901 census.

They obviously didn't check very well!

I know we all make mistakes sometime(s):eek:
But really!

I like Bonkers http://timforsythe.com/tools/bonkers

Free web service, upload gedcom, and get a list of "bonkers" stuff you've added - died before born, married to self, married before born, children born before parents, all those silly typos that slip by when our brains aren't quite functioning as the should!
How about children who were born in the USA and yet baptised the same day in England (In the 1700s)? Or people who apparently lived for 150 years and married their Children then their Grandchildren?