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Cheers, All. Another Newbie ... kinda CLARK(E) HATTON DELANEY TIERNEY

Charleston, South Carolina, US

Just a couple of words.

I'm an Aussie but living in the USA, and have been trying to break down a couple of serious brick walls for quite a few years. My maternal family history CAMPBELL/LOSS/SCHULTZ etc is well taken care of by a fastidious cousin. But my paternal history CLARKE/CLARK/DELANEY/HATTON etc is quite pathetic.

I have very good 'certified' info on my CLARKE family in Australia, and I know when my GGF Richard CLARK(E) stepped off the ship in Moreton Bay, (then NSW now QLD) from the UK in Feb 1857. I know when he married, lived, died, etc etc. But his UK history is missing. Basically, the most we have from him is in various forms such as wedding certificate (mother=Eliza HANCOCK Father =John CLARK) and that from various notes by him he was "born Cambridge and educated there, worked on the railways". It seems by 1856, his mother was dead, and his father's whereabout's unknown. Of course, his father's name may also have been unknown!!! .... But try as I might, I cannot lock down a birth, baptism, death of mother, etc to track his history a little further.

I have paid "experts", who have basically sent me a map of England, some generic flim flam words, and a list of reasons why it is hard to find him. I started this in 1979 when my father died - so I knew the part about it being hard. :)))

Anyway, here I am. Maybe some kind and generous soul has the entire history of him in hard cover book form already. I'll trade it for photographs of him and his wife, and his headstone, will etc - at least I have those ...

Cheers, Colin


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