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Rune Mussett-Sharp

Well-known member
Columbia, MO
I just want to say that I am finding this site seriously addicting. I want to say thank you to all of you who have sent me information on family I am looking for but also for all the fantastic information I am picking up by just browsing. (I'm stilll not good a replies.) My mother used to talk about firemen, my uncle was one evidently, and one had proposed to my mother (She turned him down.) I had always thought just "fireman" now with suggestion that my grandfather was actually a coachmender not of horse drawn vehicles but of rail coaches, I am thinking after reading today that my uncle may have actually worked as a fireman for the railway. Does anyone know what that employment involved? I will go dig through my family tote to see which of my uncles may have been the fireman and can give names.
Thank you everyone...I think. I really should be out there weeding.

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