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Children of Thomas & Ann KING. 1800's.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I'll put this in the general forum, as it may result in a bit of everything, this is, marriages, deaths, census, etc. etc.

All baptised Bradenham, Bucks. Most give p.o.b as Hughenden or Naphill (Common) in the ones I have found.

Most that I've found have gravitated towards Beaconsfield, Bucks.

I can see no marriages or burials(except one) in Hughenden or Bradenham. But I'll re-check, just in case.

Sarah King, 1804. ( EDIT: Done).
William King, 1806. (EDIT. Done. )
Alice King 1807. d.1891.(She is done. Married Stephen Bagley, 1833 - Hughenden).
Charlotte King, 1813. d1876 (She is done. Married John Dean 1844. All Saints, High Wycombe).
Sopphira (Sophia ??), 1814. (EDIT: Solved.)
Pheobe King, 1816. d.1901. Unmarried. (She is done).
Eliza King, 1817. (EDIT: Solved).
John King, 1818, d1883. (He's done. Married Hannah Joseph, 1843 @ Beaconsfield ).
Emma King, 1822. (EDIT : Dies 1823, aged 11 months, of Napple Common)

All help appreciated, for the remaining ones to be found......anywhere.!

Thanks again folks.;)

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Sorry Steve, I've looked but there are just too many possibles to check them all. For some unknown reason the site I use won't accept Hughenden as a place of birth and just putting Buckinghamshire brings up far too many.

Yes, I have the same problem.......Hughenden Valley seems to be the case when putting in searches.
Then there's that age old problem of place of baptism versus place of birth.

Hughenden is often transcribed wrongly.....Hyperdean etc. Place of birth includes Naphill, Napple Common, Bradenham, and sometimes Speen or Walters Ash.

I'm at a loss now, so it looks like it maybe a hopeless case. No burials or marriages that I can see, with any certainty, with out spending a fortune for searches for them.

I'll see what the marriage turns out like, for William King(brother of Thomas) & Ann, although this thread is titled for Thomas King & Ann. :rolleyes:

It the old sideways and backwards, to come forwards method.......at least I can kid myself it is.:2fun:

Thanks for looking MLT.

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Right, I think I've sorted Sophia

Sophia King father Thomas/George Snapes father James married Beacondfield 14 Nov 1843

GRO ref Dec 1843 Amersham 6 547

Sophia Snapes born 1814 NK Bucks

Stoke Newington
Sophia Snapes born 1816 Wycomb, Bucks

RG11 284/F15.p26
Stoke Newington
Sophia Snapes born 1816 Knapple Common, Bucks

Mar 1886 Hackney 1b 337 age 70

Now for the rest!

That is a snap for that marriage Sophia King at Beaconsfield, just found that myself.:2fun:

BUT.....there is also a marriage at All Saints High Wycombe 1844, for a Sophia King, but not enough grooms listed.

If this Sophia married a William Biggs(c1821. Hybendon(Hughenden), then Sophia Biggs(King.?? ) is also born c1816, Hybendon/Hughenden/Naphill, in the census.

I will go with the Beaconsfield marriage to George Snapes, it seems the most logical.:)

According to the England Marriages the Sophia King who married in Wycombe 21 May 1844 married a Henry White and her father was Benjamin.

What I had failed to notice, on the marriage registration for Sophia King & George Snapes, was the same registration for her brother John King to Hannah Jezeph(Joseph).:eek::eek:redf)
Eliza King

West Wycombe

Ann King 65 Head Widow Pauper Horsenden
Eliza King 33 dau Unmarried Lacemaker Hughendon
Fanny King 14 G/dau Hughendon

Can't find her in 1861 but

Park Lodge, West Wycombe

Daniel Stacey 65 Carpenter Wesy Wycomb
Eliza Stacey wife 53 Lace maker Hughendon
Thomas stacey son 21 Chairmaker West Wycomb

Eliza King married Daniel Stacey 14 Dec 1861 West Wycombe

Dec 1861 Wycombe 3a 642

I have no idea who Fanny is in 1851 and I would presume that Daniel had been married before judging by son Thomas's age.

I think Fanny/Fanney King is Eliza's illegitimate child. Fanny appears in 1841 and 1851 census, as daughter & Grandaughter.

No mothers maiden name given in the 1837 GRO registry for Fanny.:confused:
A possible for Sarah but no proof.


Wooburn Green, Wooburn

Sarah Haynes 49 Widow Lacemaker Hewenden
Eliza Haynes 21 dau Rag sorter paper mill Hewenden


William Saunders 30 Lab Radnage
Eliza Saunders wife 31 Hughendon
Sarah Agnes (sic) 59 Widow Mother in law Hughendon

Transcribed as Agnes but looks like Aynes

Eliza Haynes 1829 bapt. Gt Missenden parents William and Sarah

Marriage William Saunders/ Eliza Haynes, father William 1 Nov 1856 Wycombe

GRO Dec 1856 Wycombe 3a 573

What I can't find is a marriage for a Sarah king to a William Haynes.

Great Missenden - Marriage 15 Oct 1822 by Banns
William(x)HAYNES, Bachelor of Wendover
Sarah(x)MANN, aged min, Spinster of of this parish
Witnesses - Ann Mann, Thomas Evans, Sarah Haynes.

24 Sep 1825. Mary Ann daughter of William & Sarah HAYNES of Prestwood Common, Labourer
21 Dec 1826. Richard son of Willm & Sarah HAYNES of Prestwood, Labourer
2 Jun 1829. Eliza daughter of William & Sarah HAYNES of Prestwood Common, Labourer.

Gt. Missenden Marriage 30 Dec 1840 by Banns
William(x)SAUNDERS, aged Fa, Bachelor of Great Missenden, Labourer son of Thomas Saunders, Labourer
Sophia(x)DEAN, aged Fa, Spinster of Great Missenden daughter of Thomas Dean, Labourer
Witnesses - Mary X Filby & Joseph Fassnidge.

Not our Sarah, if I've read your post correctly.:confused:
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You have read it correctly. I did say it was only a possible, but it is all I have been able to find so far. I'll keep trying.

You have read it correctly. I did say it was only a possible, but it is all I have been able to find so far. I'll keep trying.


No baptism for a Sarah Mann of that age in Great Missenden, so I'll check Hughenden again.:)

Thanks for all this MLT....you're a star.

EDIT: Sarah Mann was baptised 1803 in Hughenden, to Edward & Mary. So she's deffo ruled out.:biggrin:
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Feel sure I'm right on this one

Fanny King married Alfred Morton 28 Dec 1861 in Wycombe

FreeBMD have his name as Maton

Dec 1861 Wycombe 3a 643

In 1871 they are living next to Daniel Stacey and Eliza at Park Lodge but marked as a separate household

Alfred Morton Head 41 Servant West Wycombe
Fanny Morton wife 33 Dressmaker West Wycombe
William Morton son 6 West Wycombe
Ada dau 3 West Wycombe

1881 RG11/1468/F7/p8
Near the Saw Mills, West Wycombe
Alfred 52 Dom. Servant W Wycombe
Fanny 43 Dressmaker W Wycombe
Ada 13 du W Wycombe

1891 RG12/1141/F96/p7
Village, W Wycombe
Alfred 62 Labourer W Wycombe
Fanny 53 Naphill
Clara 28 dau Servant W Wycombe

1901 RG13/1349/F11/p14
Entrance Lodge, W Wycombe
Alfred 72 Farm lab.
W Wycomb
Fanny 63 Needle worker Hughendon

1911 RG14PN872
23 Railway Place, High Wycombe
Fanny 73 Widow Pensioner Hughenden

Death for Alfred

Alfred Morton aged 80 Mar 1909 Wycombe 3a 600

Can't see a death for Fanny

Just looked in the Bann's section of Bradenham PR's. Banns for Sarah King(of West Wycombe) to George Stratford otp. 20 Dec 1850.

There is a marriage in West Wycombe, 29 Oct 1850.

I wonder if Sarah Stratford dies before the 1851 census.:confused:

Back soon.:biggrin:

There are two deaths for Sarah Stratford in the 1850's, both in Wycombe. The Sarah who dies 1850 is aged 1 and the one who dies 1856 is aged 6

1851 Census shows a George Stratford born Bradenham 1829 and wife Sarah born W Wycombe 1831 so I think they can be ruled out too.

Another one for you to think about.

2 Sep 1833 in Penn Sarah King/George Lawrence

1841 HO107/45/9/F10
London End, Beconsfield, Amersham
George Lawrence 25
Sarah Lawrence 30
Thomas Lawrence 4
Mary Lawrence 2
Alice Lawrence 9 mths
All born Bucks.
Both girls have King as mmn. Can't find a birth for Thomas.
Mary dies aged 5 in 1843 and Alice dies 1841 - GRO has age as 11 but I think that should be months not years as birth was registered June quarter 1840 and death Sept quarter 1841.

1851 HO107/1717/F660/p7
London Street, Beconsfield

George Lawrence 37 Baker/Grocer Wycombe
Sarah Lawrence wife 45 Hughendon
Thomas Lawrence 14 Penn

Sarah Lawrence age 51 Sep 1855 Amersham 3a 203

George Lawrence/ Mary Ann Vean Dec 1855 Amersham 3a 514

They appear together in both 1861 and 1871 Censuses.

That one sorted then?

I was about to start Looking for William born 1806 when I remembered post#2 about a second marriage. I have just read it again and I'm confused. Do you mean that Thomas married twice or have I been looking for the children of the wrong parents? The title of the thread says "Chidren of Thomas and Ann King" so I am presuming that you are talking about Thomas marrying twice and not son William.