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Children's birth dates...

Looking for birth dates for 12 children - all of whom may still be living.

Inernet records probably don't cover these dates in my area as I've searched as many combinations as I can.

I've asked for some marriage details to check surnames.

If anyone can help with this - or point me in the right direction - I'd love to hear from you although I probably need to send a private message.

Many thanks...
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Thank you so much for all your help on this one Dave.

I asked for help finding four or five surnameless people; half a dozen marriages; three or four deaths and 12 children. I thought it was far too much to ask - especially all in one go - three dozen asks too far... So I couldn't believe my eyes and it has been absolutely fascinating watching my family tree grow more rapidly in the last few hours than it has in the last few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you find the 12 children I was looking for? No - you found those 12 plus at least another half dozen (still haven't counted them all) - some of which are a total mystery to me. You found all of the surnameless people even though they'd been married at least twice. You found all of the marriages with very little information if any on names - and you also found all of the deaths I'd asked you to find, plus clarified one other which I had wrong... and you corrected one or two names I already had on my list....

All in all - unbelievable.................... I'm still staggered and can't wait to try get my head around some of the data, especially the last children that you found - especially fascinating...

Can't wait to share this data with a couple of relatives who I know will find all of this as fascinating as I have today and maybe it just my jog a memory or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU a million times......


PS: I really think I'm going to have to seriously consider subscribing to a certain site!!!!!!!!!!