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claiming poss someone elses rellie


Well-known member
Wilmington, North Carolina
I am putting in a claim for Sir William Watson, member Royal Society.
I am going to see if I can make clain stick or will I need to go to someone's family tree in the dead of night and saw off a limb.
I am doing research for a Plantation that was one of the earlest peanut plantations. I was having trouble find info, then i came accross a ref to Sir William Watson and a paper he gave to Royal Society in 1669 on Peanuts in my area, jackpot:biggrin: He gave me info and paths to more info. Then Friday I was told I had only thirty minutes to give the info. I have over 200 pages plus 135 marked sites and they only give me 30 mins. I can go for days.
But still going to claim Sir William, he does good work>:D
It is great to find someone who writes clear and documents.
Hope in your searchs you find someone you will want to claim:2fun:


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