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CLARK at Skipton?


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HO107 Piece 2371 Folio 74 Page 7
Civil Parish: ?
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Thirsk
Sub-RD: ?
ED: 7
No of Schedule: 27
Address: ?
Eliza Clark Head Unm 42 Farmer of 320A Employing 9 Out & 3 Indoor Lab Ellerton Yorkshire
Frances Clark Head Unm 41 Ellerton Yorkshire
Elizabeth Clark Sister-in-law Mar 35 Huddersfield Yorkshire
Grace Clark Niece 2 Huddersfield Yorkshire
+ servants

What do the various transcriptions have for parish, town, sub-RD and address for this one?

Somewhere Topcliffe comes into it either as parish or village or sub-RD ??

If the parish is Skipton how can the sub-RD be Topcliffe?

The image on A... has the town as Skipton and nothing else on the top of page 7.


Hi Dave

No address given on the image, just says Skipton, no luck from other pages either.

Civil Parish: Skipton
RD: Thirsk
Sub-RD: Topcliffe

Thanks Geoff.

Skipton and Topcliffe are both parishes in Thirsk RD.

It seems strange to me that Sub-RD Topcliffe would be in the parish of Skipton and not the parish of Topcliffe.

Something amiss here. Looking at the filmstrip on Ancestry this is the only enumeration district without a description at the start.

You have Skipton as West Riding, but the Skipton near Thirsk, (Skipton on Swale), is in the North Riding.

ED 6a and 6b are civil parish Topcliffe, RD Thirsk and sub RD Topcliffe. 6a is the whole of the village of Topcliffe and 6b is Gristhwaite and detached farm houses. Looks as if 6a and 6b would be all of Topcliffe.

a mystery!
Thanks Elaine.

I've corrected it to NRY.

So far I can't find the sisters in 1861.

No deaths in Thirsk RD 1851 - 1861 for Eliza or Frances.

Deaths Sep Qtr 1856
CLARKE Frances Elizabeth Askrigg 9d 295

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Eliza and Frances should be sisters of

William c. 25 Dec 1814 Ellerton By Bubwith, Yorkshire
John CLARK & Elizabeth
Batch: C106671
25 Dec 1814; William James son of; John and Elizabeth; Clark; abode Ellerton; farmer.

HO107 Piece/Book 1275/9 Folio 46 Page 37
Civil Parish: Huddersfield
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Huddersfield
ED: 14
Address: New North Rd
William Clarke 25 Surgeon Y

I can't find baptisms for Eliza and Frances or a marriage for their parents.
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Frances Clarke
Event Date 1841
Event Place Topcliffe, Yorkshire,Yorkshire North Riding
Residence Note Skipton
Gender Female
Age (Original) 29
Birth Year (Estimated) 1808-1812
Birthplace Yorkshire
Registration District Thirsk
Book Number 10
Parish Topcliffe
County Yorkshire,Yorkshire North Riding
Page Number 4
Registration Number HO107
Piece/Folio 1238/5
John Clarke M 70
Eliza Clarke F 30 Yorkshire
Frances Clarke F 29 Yorkshire
Grace Shilletoe F 35 Yorkshire
Henrietta Hawxwell F 19 Yorkshire
Elizabeth Harrison F 19 Yorkshire
George Jackson M 20 Yorkshire
John Shawe M 20 Yorkshire
John Brown M 18 Yorkshire
John Bowes M 15 Yorkshire

The Sub-RD is Topcliffe
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Civil Parish: York St Maurice
County: Yorkshire
RD: York
Sub-RD: Walmgate
ED: 4; Piece: 3550; Folio: 81; Page: 32

Elizabeth Clark 50 unm [b. Ellerton. Fund holder]
Grace Sheller 60 unm visitor [b. Selby]
Anne Birch 22 servant

Could be the Grace from 1841 :rolleyes:


EDIT: Sending the image
Thanks Geoff.

I thought there were enough errors in A... with the Australian Electoral Rolls but the transcriptions of the English census are just as bad now that I've looked at some images at the library.

1841 Civil Parish Topcliffe

So the parish of Skipton does not cover the town of Skipton ??
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Long shot, I'm thinking they were b. Ellerton near Thorganby.. this is Ellerton by Bubwith, in the area, also age a bit out :rolleyes:

Frances Clark
23 Nov 1806
Baptism Place: Ellerton By Bubwith,York
Parents = Jno. Clark & Elizabeth
FHL Film Number: 919480

Thanks Geoff.

I don't know because Ellerton by Bubwith is not that close to Topcliffe. One in ERY and the other in NRY.

I'm running Win 7 Ultimate without SP1 and today received notification it was no longer supported.

So I'm attempting to install SP1 and for 30 min it has been thrashing my HD but been stuck on 19% for 25 min.
I guess there are a few factors that would influence the bap's, where they married and Elizabeth [mother] PoB :rolleyes:

I'm running Win 7 Ultimate without SP1 and today received notification it was no longer supported.

So I'm attempting to install SP1 and for 30 min it has been thrashing my HD but been stuck on 19% for 25 min.

It takes about 30 mins to install according 'google' :biggrin: