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Class room picture

near Boston Lincolnshire
Can any one help date this picture of a class room. the picture was found in an album of my late wife's aunt who was born about 1923. I suspect the picture is of a generation earlier so perhaps her mother is in the picture in early Edwardian years. If I am right it is likely to be in the Paddington, Harrow Rd areaclass room20151127_00200086.jpg
What a great photo. Tho the kids dont look happy been at school :biggrin:

Have you tried blowing the photo up and seeing whats in the pictures on the wall?
Also is that a light between the 2 pictures on the far wall? Maybe the type of light might help date the photo.
Just a couple of thoughts.
Yes a great picture but they are a really miserable lot! though at least they are all looking at the camera. I did try blowing it up to see what is written on the picture but still unclear. I suspect they will have a religious theme. Cannot get a good look at the light either, but looks electric rather than gas