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Coal Buckets

I was just looking for something similar and didn't find anything. I noticed 90% of the coal buckets didn't have that shape. An ash bucket would have a lid. Just wondering if the handle was strong enough if the bucket was full of coal.
Joan i have some news for you,that isnt an old cow bell but an instrument used by the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra in there last concert given,the police will be most interested to know of where you aquired it.

Hope this clears that one up for you:)

Thanks Lee, I will own up at the local constabulary immediately redf)
I suppose the SPO will want it back.:'(
I have kept it in tune by loaning it to Santa many times, to use on his rounds. It sounds so good "clunkety rattle".
People look for a cow wandering the streets.:eek: Joan:)
The bucket might be a jardiniere, that is you stick plants in it.

It would look nice with a fern plant or something like that in it:biggrin:

When i go up the street later in the week just out of interest i might take it to a fella in town here who knows about antiques and see what he says.

If its not antique now it will be by the time the great grandkids get it:2fun::2fun::2fun: