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Coal miners death

Following on from my dearly beloved Thilwinds:confused: I wondered if my John's early death at 37 was due to him being a coalminer. So I did a check on coal miner deaths and found John and Ralph Durdom (father and son) had died in a mining disaster in 1850 at Evans and Turners Haydock colliery known as the Rockpit.
John Thilwinds widow Alice nee Durdham was living with Ralph Durdham in the 1851 census in Haydock, along with Ralphs father John. Thinking there may be a connection with these family names (being at the point where any connection is worth looking into) I tried finding a record of the deaths of the father and son, but there is nothing on either.
Can anyone find what I am missing with these deaths? They are another lot who manage to change the spelling of their name every few years just to make things difficult. I would like to get the certificates if possible to either put them with, or dismiss them from, my Durdhams.
Thanks for your help
They usually show as either Ashton-in-makerfield or St Helens. I would imagine that miners would live near enough the coalfield to walk to everyday so they cant be far beyond those areas.
Wild thought here. Would it be registered in West Derby.

Before 1894 Ashton-in-Makerfield was a township in the parish of Winwick, part of the West Derby Hundred of Lancashire. By an Act in 1845 and the division of the Parish of Winwick, Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green, was made the principal parish church and St. Thomas' made a parish church in the same Act, both being part of the Diocese of Liverpool. By the Local Government Act 1894 Ashton-in-Makerfield was made an urban district.

Thanks Steve, Im sure West Derby can be added to the list lol
Unfortunately I only have the site of the coalmine in Haydock, no idea where the Durdons may have been living as I cant find a trace of them anywhere else.