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coat of arms puzzle

There is a fireback which has the coat of arms as follows

on the left supporting the shield is a lion on its hind legs on the right supporting the shield is a griffin on its hinds legs. In the middle of the shield is a tudor rose. above the shield is a royal crown. and the date is 1571.

I don't know who it belonged to. Some things in the house belonged to Sheffield castle but I can't find it in the Earl of Shresbury's family or Bess of Hardwicks family.

Anyone any ideas?

I understand the crown and the tudor rose are signs of a supporter of tudor royalty .
I've just looked at my very fuzzy picture. If you change the Griffin into a dragon we have Henry VIII's royal crest apparently. Seems like this needs more investigation. If it is what is the significance of 1571 as Henry was dead by then?
I've found one being sold in an antique shop in London. It is Elizabeths coat of arms. It isn't mentioned in any wills till after Captain William Blythe's demolition of the castle, so it is safe to assume it was recycled from the castle.
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The one in Bishops House isn't a copy as it is mentioned in the will inventory of Captain William Blythe in 1675. It is in the new bedroom he built with plasterwork over the fireplace showing the Talbot crest and fine oak panelling. The panelling and the plaster is mentioned in an inventory from the castle. The fireback isn't in the ones I have read but may be there. It could be in the Earl of Shrewsbury's inventories.

I don't know about the others but the one mentioned in London is said to come from The Bishop of Wells palace.