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Coats of Arms - Con!


Just to let you know that I recieved a very good letter and information from a company, saying that they had full information on my Family Name!

Anyway it said it was free to look at for 30 days (so long as I supplied a payment card!!) - came from USA. Really interested and was looking forward to recieving it!

Well it arrived some 3 weeks later. Quite a substantial package. Inside was a "tatty" folder (I could of made better from supplies at Wilkinsons ;D ), with a picture of my family coat of arms (which isn't- as I have seen others on the internet!), with a resume of my family name and possible origins (which was a load of "bull" spread over a dozen pages. Then there were around 100 pages of names, addresses and telephone numbers of which looked like a collection of my names from the telephone directory!

What a con. The worst comes........
The following weekend I packed it up and sent it back to the states (at my cost!). 3 weeks later it arrived back on my doorstep! What???? I opened expecting to find a letter or something - nothing!
Well I wasn't going to send it back at my own cost.....
So I got on the phone (national rate) and was on for ages. I eventually get to speak with someone. An argument ensued, when I found out that the 30 days was over and that I was being charged the full amount! I explained the date I got it, that it took over 3 weeks to get to me, and that it was a load of Bull, the conversation degraded, with me fuming and the phone flying across the room!

I have tried many times to get a manager of someone in authority. I have sent letters. Nothing! I have spoken to Citizens Advice, who inform me I haven't a leg to stand on, as they are in the USA!

Beware good people, beware :'(

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