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Comedy names


On an idle moment I wondered through ancestry looking for people who were lumbered with comedy names. I found a couple of ladies called Iris Stew, and quite a few blokes called Ben Down. While there are lots of ruder ones to be found, has anyone found relatives with unfortunate names? :p
There certainly are a lot of names like this. I have come across Ivor Payne, Albert Hall and Julius Caesar. a school teacher relative tells me he had three boys called Dear, Truelove and Darling in the same class which caused some fun in the dfays of calling pupils by just their surname!

I loved my old surname `Pride` and then I married my hubby and am now a Dicker!! Just as well I love him!! :biggrin: He had a mate at school called Paul Balls redf) Poor kid! We have to be sooo careful what we name our kids!

I have found a few very explicit surnames in Boyds Marriage Index, and one name in early 1700s Essex was eight letters and ended in "ford" but the first 4 letter half of the word rhymed with the word "bank" and the first letter is inbetween V and X.

I had an aunt named Rose Thorne, a friend at school his last name was Dover and his first name was Benjamin you can guess what he was called.
I lived next to a scottish family in England called Ness and the father was called Frank.
Regards Sterico

I know a woman with the surname Kneel who wed a man with the surname Down.

I found a James Bond in the 1851 census in Shoreditch, London.

I wonder if anyone knows a real Fred Bloggs or Joe Bloggs?

i have a poor woman called Olga Puddington in my tree and my partner came across a name the other day in his tree F*nny Spillett but i think the best one we came across not our tree's tho was Benjamin D Cox hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <tears in eyes>

ok i think back in those days certain words weren't 'related' to what they are related to today...............but seriously people really dont think about the names they give their kids lol poor children :D :D
I was soooo careful when naming our daughter, my sister said `Magenta or Scarlet are lovely names`...until you add my surname `Dicker` then they sound like venerial diseases!!:2fun:

Oh and I went to school with a family of Pratts!

A lot of weird surnames were once thought to be immigrant names such as Teager, Tago, Flouser, Orliss etc but they were actually as English as pie and mash. If the names were found in rural areas then there was probably no overseas blood and the surnames if any foreign origin were probably just Viking or Saxon back over 1000 years ago.

I have several Germanic sounding surnames in my Sussex ancestors. Walder is one but I believe it is Anglo Saxon.

There's a brilliant book about unusual or rude names through the centuries which I got recently. It's called (and please excuse my language, it really is the title of the book:) ) 'Potty, Fartwell and Knob' by Russell Ash


It's a very funny book indeed. Some of it I did double takes with as I really wasn't sure whether the names were true or not, but apparently they're all genuine.