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Computer house keeping.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Well folks....I started up the computer this morning, and there was an aweful vibration coming from it. Near shook my falsies out.:eek::biggrin:

So I proceeded to dismantle the casing, and have a look see inside.:rolleyes:

Thought I'd better turn off the power to it, as I slowly slid the side off it.:eek:

So, with all the guts of it exposed to my hammer and screwdriver, I started to poke and prod it about, to try and see what was loose or broken.

Nothing was apparent, to I reconnected the power and stood back waiting for the bang. The vibration was still there, so in classic 'Steve style', I gave it a more than gentle thump with my little fist.

A cloud of dust shout out the vent, and the cooling fan started to make a slightly different noise. Unable to access the fan, without dismantling the whole thing, I poked my insulated screwdriver inside and stuck it on the fan blades.:eek:
More clouds of dust emitted from the vent.:rolleyes:

So off I went and got the old vacuum cleaner out, and put the smallest nozzle on the end of the hose. (I had turned the computer off again, by this time. :biggrin: ).

Stuck the nozzle near the fan, and it wound up to about 10,000 RPM. Dust was flying all over the place by now.:biggrin:........and some actually got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.
I gave the components a quick but firm flick with a small paint brush, which disturbed even more dust. Sucked it up, and reassembled the computer.:rolleyes:

Running perfectly and quietly now.:2fun:

Easy stuff, this computer house keeping.:rolleyes:


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