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Computer Monitor.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
In the last hour or so, my computer screen went blank, no colour, nothing. Except the little light, letting me know it had power.:rolleyes:

I turned the computer off, by holding the On button, so forcing a shut down. I left it for a few minutes, and turned it back on.

The screen was ok, for about 10 minutes, then it had a fit.......the mouse pointer turned into dotted lines, but still managed to shut the puta down in the usual way.
This time, the screen had mixed images, from whatever was on my computer screen/desktop, except my screen background picture.

I am now using the screen from my old computer, and so far it's working fine. I also swapped my mouse.

Has anyone experienced a screen failure, similar to mine.

Yes, twice. The first time the screen would come up as normal, then start going black around the edges before blacking out altogether so I swapped it for another screen. All was well for quite some time until I came to use it one day and just could not get anything at all, not even with black edges. Nothing for it than to buy a new monitor. Touch wood, all well so far.

I'm quite convinced that these things, putas, monitors, keyboards along with TVs and fridges and washing machines, etc. are built with a shelf life so that you are forced to go and buy a new one just to keep the business going.

I'll install the screen back in tomorrow, and see what happens. Until then, I'll use this old one.

The screen I'm using at the moment, is like looking through a letterbox.:eek::2fun:

Well, this old monitor I'm using seems to be ok, so now I'm going to change back to the 'dodgey' one, and see what happens.

If I'm not back today, you'll know I've blown up my puta, or the monitor.

I've already earmarked a replacement just in case, but that means re-installing this letterbox monitor to order it.:rolleyes::2fun:

See you later.....hopefully.:rolleyes:

Toodles for now.

I spoke too soon. I put the system on sleep mode, and went to have my lunch. I then came back and 'woke it up'. Screen didn't come up, no matter which one I used.
If I force a shut down of system then quickly restart it, the screen come on, and works Ok.
I wonder if there is a communication problem between modem and monitor.:confused:

Any ideas, anyone.

If I'm not here in the near future, then you'll know I may need a new puta.:'(

I think you have a knackered monitor which needs replacing, particularly as everything works when you use the old letterbox monitor. Sounds like the puta's ok, just the monitor is heading for monitor heaven.

I'm afraid Steve you are in the 'black' area of computing!

Trying to decide just what part is affected! It's not easy to actually decide unless you have access to other computers and monitors.

I can remember way way way back when I worked for a local authority and our 'state of the art' (size of a desk) wouldn't start after Christmas, the ICL engineer came with lots of parts - he tried several and got it working. He then proceeded to replace the boards he had removed - after several tries he had replaced all the original boards and the computer was still working - his conclusion was that the computer had got to cold or the contacts were 'dirty'.

I think with modern PC's we are lucky as they can go for years without a glitch!

Good luck with it Steve

I think you have a knackered monitor which needs replacing, particularly as everything works when you use the old letterbox monitor. Sounds like the puta's ok, just the monitor is heading for monitor heaven.


The 'letterbox' monitor is just a small screen 14 inch........whereas the one I have been using is a 23 inch. It's not actually a letterbox view. I should have said that in the first place.redf)

The forced shutdown routine, works for a while, then the screen goes blank.......it's done this with both screens. Yesterday, instead of going blank, it turned to a herring bone pattern, green in colour.

I turned it all off last night with the forced shutdown, and started it up this morning to a blank screen........forced shutdown, then started it up again very quickly after shutting down. And here I am.

What does seem to happen, the internal tower fans seem to work overtime when the screen goes off, but when screen is on, the fans are normal.

I'm at a loss, only for the fact that computers are a mystery to me, like most things.

This computer is 6 years old, so I suppose that's good for this day and age.:rolleyes:

And Gibbo.......:p:p:2fun:

Steve, do you have a utility that can monitor the temperature of your video card?

Or perhaps you have no card if the video is via a chip on the motherboard.

Fans work overtime for a reason.

Firstly, the fans have always surged on start up, and then calm down after a 10 or so seconds. Nothing to monitor temperature, that I can see.

Yes, same probs with both screens, and what might support a prob with graphics card, is when I view a photo on face book, also an image on Ancestree. The fan also picks up speed when I view these, but it's done that all the time.

This a what info I can find.:confused:

Monitor - LG. Model-W2340

Graphics Software.
Driver Packaging Version Not Available
Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path Not Available
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version Not Available
Catalystâ„¢ Control Center Version 2010.0108.1837.33337

Graphics Hardware.
Primary adaptor. Graphics Chipset ATI Radeon HD 5670

Whatever the graphics card is, I haven't a clue.:rolleyes::biggrin:

The computer has been running fine, since 10am this morning, without viewing photo's etc. So what you are suggesting might well be the problem.

I'll try and find a puta tech locally, but won't hold my breath. I'm loathed to take it to a retailer, as the suggestion may be, and usually is.......'It's beyond economical repair, but you can trade it in, for a new one'. :rolleyes:


EDIT: Not sure if this helps any.:confused:

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Had a look at video cards similar to what you may have and it has its own fan.
You said the PC was 6years old so I'm wondering if the fan may be clogged with fluff etc.

I had similar problems some months ago when the cpu fan was clogged - a quick go over with a hoover and back to normal - just be careful with the hoover as fast moving air can cause static which is no good for ic's etc.

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Peter is right, that's one thing to check.

Steve, you can download software that can monitor CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) temperatures as well as other things.

You need to tell that software what monitoring chip the motherboard has. Usually that is listed in the motherboard manual.

Or that detail can be found on-line given the brand and model of the motherboard.

Its not the little thingy on the back of the tower where you plug in the monitor?
Maybe the plug from the monitor to the tower is working itself loose??

Just a thought.
Left the puta on all night, and some of the morning. Shut it down from the start button, and not a forced shut down.

Took the side off the tower and cleaned out the dust the best I could. Took two of the 3 fans out and cleaned them up.......the largest one was very dirty.

Removed as much dirt and dust as i could, using the wifes NEW sable haired make up brush, nice and soft, and was perfect. Held the vacuum cleaner nozzle close by, to suck up the dust.

Put the tower in the dishwasher, and gave it 2 washes. Nah, but it would have been easier.:eek::2fun::2fun:

Anyway, reassembled it all, turned it on, and here I am. Hopefully it has resolved something, but it ran all day yesterday with no probs. It does run quieter, and no fan surge, except on start up.

Thanks for the help guys and gals.:)

Well, it didn't last very long. The tower fires up, but no lights on keyboard, and monitor does not come on.

So, now I'm using a 9 year old tower, and it seems to be working at the moment, but as you can guess......it's very slow.:rolleyes:

Not sure how long it will hold together, but I'll see.

If you don't hear from me for a week or so, you'll know why.

Fingers crossed.

If you don't hear from me for a week or so, you'll know why. :biggrin:

My tower is 8 years old - original cpu, motherboard, video card and hard disk.

Any odds as to which part will fail first? :D

Well, the old thing is hanging together, but when it connected to the internet, it threw a wobbly with all sorts of updates.
Now this has caused another problem, it also used up a chunk of my download allowance, which is almost critical, and doesn't renew until the 28th June.:eek:

So, there you have it....here and gone, here and gone, and here and gone again.:2fun::2fun:

It like being strapped to a piece of elastic.:2fun:

I guess I'll be on the hunt for a new tower or something, just have to see what's about in the Summer sales.:rolleyes:


PS: Windows Vista take a bit to get used to.:rolleyes::biggrin: