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Computer scam


I have received these phone calls before telling me my computer has been sending error reports and they are going to help me fix it. I usually hang up knowing full well its a scam but i wasnt in a good mood today and i demanded from her, her name and phone number. No name was given but she did tell me a phone number. I wouldnt usually ring the number neither but for some reason i did today curious as to who would answer. Some poor innocent lady in Sydney answered and i wasnt the only person who has rang to ask about error reports. These low life scammers are giving this womans phone number out as their contact number! She has already alerted the scam mob so tomorrow im going to do the same.
Thanks for the possible warning of a computer scam
I am so sorry to note how angry you are :(
The people that do this sort of thing,are thoughtless beyond words
Romany Rose x