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Computer Updates


north ayrshire
Monday night I had updates loaded to my computer. Could not get into my Ancestry yesterday ,kept going to my past user name now defunct.Also have a new "icon" on my taskbar .Task View ,all the sites I have been to since it was put on.

Yeah, that update was a major one. Keeps reverting to default settings and totally ignores any modifications users make or changes made to the registry.

At least I've found a way to get my text sizes and fonts back to how I like them.

Most of the new features, especially one called 'sets' I don't need because I don't sync with a smart phone or any other device. Yeah, they now have set a sort of time line.

Microsoft now blocks pages and tells me if I want to view them to turn my ad blocker off !! Damn them. They are now putting ads on the log on screen.

I have UK English but US keyboard so I get $ and not £ but they insist I need the English keyboard.

I've found a short cut way of changing the system font from Segoe UI. I've changed to Tahoma.
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They are sooooo annoying, it's even interferred with my firewall. I have new updates for the firewall which I keep trying to load, but this isn't happening because they are not being completed, I always have one vunerability.

Not sure when it happened, it's been like it for weeks. It always says I'm fully protected, so may be it's just a glitch.

It tells me when I have an update, so I press for the update but nothing happens and then I'm told I'm fully protected with one vunerability.