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Confirmation of births 1851-1868


Valued Member
Bendigo, Victoria
Whilst I do have some Australian discs, the one I want to use will not open, as the disks were made for older computers. I'm hoping an aussie might have the disc and can look something up for me.

I just want confirmation of the undermentioned births, plus there is one chil's name missing. Parents were Thomas & Elizabeth Abell (could be spelt Abel)

John Perkins Casper Shum Abell b 1851 England, d 23/may/1932 Boort

Thomas George Abell b 1855 Sandhurst, d 1935 Melb

Charles Augustus Abell b 1856 Dunolly, d –

Henry William Abell b 1858 Ballarat, d 1864 Sandhurst

Alice Eliza Abell b 1860 Amherst Vic, d –

George Clift Abell b 1862 Amherst, d 1862 Amherst Vic

Elizabeth L Abell b abt 1862, d 1888 Sandhurst

Albert Edward Abell b 1863 Sandhurst, d –

Elizabeth Collins Abell b 1884 , d 1884 Sandhurst

George Frederick b 1865 Sandhurst, d 1936 Maroopna Vic

Louisa Abell b 1867 Sandhurst, d 1868 Sandhurst

There is a child missing, and we want to find out who-when-where etc.

It is so annoying as I actually live in Bendigo (formerly Sandhurst), and am doing this for a friend in Tasmania. We are interested where they died also, as the friend is shortly visiting Bendigo and I wanted to have all the information ready for her. I think it is a Pioneer record I'm looking for. They made 2 (an updated one) I've lost my original and its the updated one I can't load.

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