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Confused newbie

Hi all,

I've decided to do a bit of digging into my family's history and have a few questions would be grateful for some guidance.

1. I'm using an ipad and looking for a decent family tree app what would you suggest. I've been using the ancestry free version but not keen about building a tree a having it stored online. I prefer it offline so I can try and keep it as secure as possible. Feel free to call me paranoid.

2. I've seen the various sites that want you to take out a subscription are they any good, any one site better than the rest or are they just a way for the companies to make money.

3. I have my parents names and have my fathers mothers maiden name but thing else, so how do I go about the next step I.e full name, date of birth, location etc. With just a maiden name it seems a bit daunting trying to find the rest / next step.

4. In this age of identity theft nod trying to keep details secure, discussing personal details online seems to go against the grain, how do you ask for help and stay secure.

That's for starters and no doubt I'll have loads more so thanks in advance for any help.


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