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texas australia
I am tracing my great grandmother Mary Welsh. Born 1841 She married a John Blefsington (thats how it is spelt on the marriage certificate ) but on other certificates it is spelt Blessington in Nov 1858 at Bradford York. Her fathers names is James Welsh occupation Hawker and John's father is Dennis. I have found them in the 1861 census in Horton - Bradford stating Mary and John were both born in Ireland but on Marys Death Certificate it states born Bradford. I have been unable to find any other records relating to Mary. They immigrated to Australia with 3 children around 1874 but I cannot find any Immigration records here in Australia. Any help as to where I look for any information on Mary would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea where to go.
Hi Yarnee,

I havnt been able to locate them on the passenger list on the site I use.
Marys place of birth in given as Ireland on the 1861 and 1871 census.

As to Bradford given on her death certificate it may be that the person giving the information only knew that she lived in Bradford and assumed she was born there.
Hi Jenny

Even though I couldn't find your BLESSINGTON's including variants this link is to Queensland Immigration, it may help you in future searches.


If your really stuck you could always contact the Queensland Family History Society, perhaps send them an email about your BLESSINGTON family arriving in the 1870's. One of their members may have extensive research in the area where your family settled. A friend of mine dealt with them recently and she said they were extremely helpful.


Also look in the Maryborough, QLD area for shipping arrivals. I remember when I was researching my husband's gg grandfather who arrived in Brisbane, QLD, I remember the shipping record mentioned the people getting off the ship at Maryborough before the ship arrived in Brisbane.

thanks crankypants,
I have looked at the Maryborough arrivals but with no luck. I will try the family history society and see if they can help me.
thank you
Hi Jenny

Have you been to this website, looks like a work in progress, maybe a site to check back on monthly to see if more names added.


This site is Australian Newspaper articles. The Brisbane Courier has a few BLESSINGTON articles. This is also a W.I.P, hasn't been updated since last year, hoping it will be soon. Shipping arrivals and departures are mentioned sometimes with family names, so site can be very helpful. It's a case of being very patient.


To crankypants,
I owe you a big thanks. The link you sent me for archives immigration I have found them under the name of Beesington. I have looked at this site so many times looking for variations of Blessington and never saw it before now.