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Confusing records


Loyal Member
South Aust.
Hi all, I am just getting something off my chest.:(
I found a death notice in a Sydney paper dated 15th September 1852, for Hannah Wilkins, died 1st February 1852 in Manchester UK. It was inserted by her sister Eliza Nichols,who lived in NSW. She was a clue to a brick wall for Eliza, I had been trying to break down.

I found Hannah again in the deaths in England & Wales Free BMD,she died 1st Feb.1852.
Buried in Deansgate cemetery Manchester on 4th. Feb 1852 aged 40 years.

On following her up even further, I discovered another entry,this time in
"Australia, Deaths and Burials" for Hannah Wilkins, it stated she had
died 15th September 1852, the same day the notice was put in the paper, by her sister.
My point is, if this just a transcription of a newspaper notice, it would be very confusing to anyone looking that person up, and finding that.
My first thought was that she may have been in Australia at some point, but it doesn't seem like it?
Is Australia, Deaths and Burials supposed to be an accurate record,
or just an entry of information? :confused: Thanks everyone, Joan

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