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Congleton War Memorial Project


Hi All,

Here is the list of cemeteries/memorials i have casualties buried or remembered that i need help with for The Congleton War Memorial Project. As mentioned this is for a book which is going to be published in aid of a forces charity so all help would be appreciated.
If you have photos from any of these cemeteries/memorials or you are planning to visit any in the near future please get in touch with me for a list of the casualties names and grave/memorial numbers.
Please help if you can as the more information i can get the more books will be sold, all proceeds go to the charity.

Congleton War Memorial Project WW1 Casualties
Other Countries
Azmar Cemetery – Galipoli – Turkey 1
Helles Memorial – Galipoli – Turkey 7
Lancashire Landing Cemetery – Galipoli – Turkey 1
Hill 10 Cemetery – Galipoli – Turkey 1
Haidar Pasha Cemetery – Galipoli – Turkey 1
Gaza War Cemetery – Israel 1
Deir el Belah War Cemetery - Israel 1
Jerusalem Memorial – Israel 2
Portianos Military Cemetery – Greece 1 Promised
Bralo British Cemetery – Greece 1
Doiran Military Cemetery – Greece 1
Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery – Greece 1
Amara War Cemetery – Iraq 1
Basra Memorial – Iraq 1
Bagadad (North Gate) War Cemetery – Iraq 1
Alexandria (Hadra) War Cemetery – Egypt 3
Cologne Southern Cemetery – Germany 1
Gresford All Saints Churchyard – Denbighshire – United Kingdom 1
Plymouth Naval Memorial – Devon – United Kingdom 1
Dozinghem Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Mendinghem Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery 2 Completed
Dadizeele New British Cemetery 1 Completed
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No3 1 Completed
Ploegsteert Memorial 1 Completed
Menin Road South Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Lone Tree Cemetery 1 Completed
Maple Leaf Cemetery 1 Completed
New Irish Farm Cemetery 1 Completed
Bard Cottage Cemetery 1 Completed
Oxford Road Cemetery 1 Completed
Wulverghem – Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Harlebeke New British Cemetery 1 Completed
Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Railway Dugouts Burial Ground 1 Completed
Hooge Crater Cemetery 1 Completed
Coxyde Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Canada Farm Cemetery 1 Completed
Klein – Vierstraat British Cemetery 1 Completed
Dranoutre Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Plogsteert Memorial 1 Completed
Ypres Reservoir Cemetery 1 Completed
Dickebusch New Military Cemetery 1 Completed
Hyde Park Corner (Royal Berkshire) Cemetery 1 Completed
Ypres Menin Gate Memorial 12 Completed
Tyne Cot Memorial 10 Completed

Pas de Calais
Delsaux Farm Cemetery – Beueny 1
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extn 3 Completed
Grenvillers British Cemetery 1
Duisans British Cemetery – Etrun 1
Loos Memorial 2 Completed
Vermeiles British Cemetery 1
Sun Quarry Cemetery – Cherisy 1
Achiet –le – Grand Communal Cemetery Extn 1
Mory Abbey Military Cemetery – Mory 1
Etaples Military Cemetery 3
Terlincthun British Cemetery – Wimille 2
Moroc British Cemetery – Grenay 1
Tilloy British Cemetery – Tilloy –les-Mofflaines 1
Sunken Road – Fampoux 1
Le Touret Memorial 2
Sains-les-Marquion British Cemetery 1
Vis – en - Artois Memorial 2
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery 1
Bac – du – Sud British Cemetery – Bailleuval 1
Guemappe British Cemetery – Wancourt 1
Pernes British Cemetery 1
Arras Flying Services Memorial 1
Arras Memorial 9
Doullens Communal Cemetery Etxn 1 4
Varenues Military Cemetery 1
Thiepval Memorial 17 Promised
Delville Wood Cemetery – Longueval 1 Completed
Villers Bretonneux Military Cemetery 1
Gazaincourt Communal Cemetery Extn 1
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery 1
Abbeville Communal Cemetery 1
Puchevillers British Cemetery 1
Sailly – Saillisel British Cemetery 1
Rocquigny – Equancourt Road British Cemetery – Manancourt
Becourt Military Cemetery – Becordel – Becourt 1
Arneke British Cemetery 1
Godewaersvelde British Cemetery 1 Completed
Pont – de – Nippe Communal Cemetery 1
Merville Communal Cemetery 1
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extn 4
Cambrai Memorial 2
Thiennes British Cemetery 1
Laventie Military Cemetery – La Gorgue 1
Hautmont Communal Cemetery 1
Erquinghem - Lys Churchyard Extn 1
La Kreule Military Cemetery – Hazebrouck 1
Cinq Rues British Cemetery – Hazebrouck 1
Other Departments
Premont British Cemetery - Aisne 1
Raperie British Cemetery - Aisne 1
St Sever Cemetery – Rouen - Seine Maritime 3
Chambrecy British Cemetery - Marne 1

The number at the end of the cemetery/memorial name is the amount of casualties i have listed for that cemetery/memorial.
Thankyou in advance for any help you are able to give me.

Mike (Sniper)
Last edited:
Hi All

I have now been promised all the photos i need for the following memorials

Tyne Cot
Ypres Menin Gate

Hi Lee,

Here are the list of names you want to be getting started.

Barton. Thomas Beech. Rifleman. The Kings (Liverpool Regt) Gresford (All Saints) Churchyard. South-west of church tower.
Bratby. James Frederick. Private. Royal Marine Light Infantry. PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL. Panel 7
Bayley, Edwin, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 64, Column 2
Finney, James Leslie, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 55, Column 2
Foden, Norman Eric, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 86, Column 2
McDonald, Arnold, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 70 Column 2

You may find that the ones on Plymouth memorial only have initials rather than their full names.

Kind regards
All of Belguim has now been completed with many thanks to Mark Banning of M.G.P. Tours which does Battlefield Tours on the Western Front. If anyone is planning one of these trips i can recommend you use Mark as his knowledge on the Western Front is awesome. His website is www.mgbtours.com

Thank you Mark.

Thats fine Lee, they aren't going away, haha. The WW1 casualties are needed for publishing next year so we have plenty of time to get the rest. The WW2 casualties are needed for the following year.
Again i'd like to thank Mark Banning of MB Tours for completing the following:

Loos Memorial
Delville Wood
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extn

Many thanks Mark