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Converting files RTD to PDF


Can anyone help me please with how i can convert RTD to PDF file?

Been trying all day and still no luck :rolleyes:

As usual with stuff like this could i have any tips in "gibbo's language" please.

Thank you :)
RTF = rich text format

google 'convert RTF to PDF file?'

and you will find several on-line converters or free converters to download.

.rtf can be opened in wordpad and MS Word.

Depends how .rtf is listed in your windows registry as to what program tries to open them if you double click on .rtf files.

What are you trying to do? Just open a .rtf?

Wordpad is in Windows - Accessories

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I have typed a letter on wordpad and sent it via email to my sister and she cant open the attachment.

Wordpad supports several formats including .txt and .rtf

If the formatting does not matter it can be renamed as a .txt
I solved it for now.. copy and pasted the letter onto the email :biggrin:

Going to Charters Towers next week end so will get the kids to show me. They have had 18 months of "no mum with her computer" so it will make them feel like its old times :2fun::2fun: