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Convict Transportation

We got to talk, you keep finding these great sites and I go looking and end way off target. I have just added another side track. Do not need Ausy convicts need Georgia,US convict info. got a lead? this site makes great reading. keep looking.
It's just things I have picked up whilst doing my own searches. You never know when they may come in useful. And sometimes I'll scratch about just to help out.

Some of the stuff is generally rubbish, but it just may hold that little clue for someone else.

Keep watching.:D


The sheer horror of being on those convict ships must have been dreadful. 20 or so people to 1 caged cell below decks.

Thanks Steve...thats still alot of Jacksons ware ever they went,16 Ferris,s went...so maybe a long lost Relly ended up there.
Seriously good sites though...though it would be great if they had records once the sentence was finished,as the site explains alot of criminals did good over there.