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COOK family


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HO107 Piece 2219 Folio 388 Page 58
Civil Parish: Gorton
Ecclesiastical parish: St Thomas
County: Lancashire
Registration District: Chorlton
Sub-RD: Ardwick
ED: 3b
Joseph Cook Head 46 Brick maker Ashton
Hannah Cook Wife 40 Bilston, Staffordshire
Robert Cook son 18 Ashton [Rupert]
James Cook son 10 Ashton

Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) - Tuesday 28 March 1876 p.3
FUNERAL.-The friends of the deceased, Mr. JOSEPH COOK, are respectfully requested to attend his funeral, to move from his late residence, Mary-street, St. Peters, TO-MORROW AFTERNOON, at quarter to 5. C. BOOTS, Newtown.

THE FRIENDS of Messrs. RUPERT and JAMES COOK are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved FATHER, Joseph ...

THE FRIENDS of Messrs. JOHN and EDWARD COOK are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved BROTHER, Joseph Cook,

Joseph and wife Hannah, and his brothers John and Edward, and his surviving sons Rupert and James arrived abt 1858.

EDIT: plus Rupert's wife Ann and a daughter


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Edward Cook
Age: 39
Arrival Date: 8 Jul 1858
Vessel Name: Queen of England
Origin Location: Lancashire, Ashton Under Line
[Labourer. Both parents dead [John and Sara]. With Margaret [Father James and mother Anne dead] 44, James 10 and John 9]

There are a couple of trees, one suggests this for John..

John Cook
Age: 30
Arrival Date: 29 Jan 1842
Vessel Name: William Sharples
[With a Mary and 4 offspring, 2 m [7-14 & <7] & 2 f [>14 & 7-14]. There is something crossed out, illegible]

Again, from the tree..

Joseph Cook
Age: 39
Arrival Date: 30 Nov 1855
Vessel Name: Ramillies
[With Sarah 35, Edward 13, Joseph 11 and Sarah 9]

Oh! Not sure about this one, image says native place = Somersetshire and mother on board, can't read her name :rolleyes:


EDIT: Also Joseph rel = Wesleyan. John/Edward = CoE.
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Not sure if this will help or not. Just thinking they may have travelled here together and might be easier to find them with both names.

A brother for Hannah


THE FRIENDS of Mr. JOHN WILCOX are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved SISTER, Mrs. Hannah Cook ; to move from her late
residence, St. Peters, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at half-past 3 o'clock, for St. Peter's Cemetery. C. BOOTS, Undertaker, Hordern-street, Newtown.
Thanks Geoff.

Parents of Joseph, John & Edward - John & Sarah

I don't have John b. abt 1814 in 1841.

Thanks gibbo.

Yes, I lift some names out of post #1.
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I think Joseph and Hannah and son James and Rupert and Ann and daughter would have arrived together around 1858. Plus possibly John Wilcox.

James married in NSW Presbyterian. Don't have his burial but wife was buried Presbyterian so James could have been CofE. Joseph and Hannah buried at St Peters but that's a suburb - don't think it means the name of a church - does not give which portion.

Joseph's brothers John & Edward ended up in NSW but I have nothing in my tree for possible arrival date.

Arrival for Edward looks ok with father = John and mother = Sara
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Rupert is Robert in one census being a more common name.


This might be the correct one although I had the earlier COOK one in my tree before.

Births Sep Qtr 1840
COOKE James Ashton under Lyne 20 22

No sign in NSW of it being COOKE.
Seems not Assisted to NSW.

Unassisted to Victoria
COOK RUPERT 24 - DEC 1856 MARCO POLO B 116 002
COOK JAMES 11 - DEC 1856 MARCO POLO B 116 002
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Thanks gibbo.

Yes, that looks ok.

Marriages Sep Qtr 1841
COOK John Liverpool 20 165
BOOTH Mary Liverpool 20 165

Mary Booth
[Mary Whittaker]
Father: Abraham Whittaker [Labourer]
Spouse: John Cook [Brickmaker]
Spouse's Father: John Cook [Brickmaker]
Date: 30 Aug 1841
Marriage Place: Liverpool, Lancashire
[Add = Woodstock St]

The shipping reel that is on-line for 'Queen of England' has this on the last page:

Liverpool 18 March 1859
Sydney 8 July 1859

The 2nd reel 2478 has the arrival date as 8 July 1858.

1859 is correct.

Reel 2478
Edward 39 Labourer Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire John and Sarah dead C.E. Read 2 Brothers John and Joseph both at Newtown Good None Rem Refs
Margaret 44 Wife Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire James and Anne father living in Lancashire mother dead C.E. Both None Good None

It looks as though either John or Joseph paid for Edward and family. There is no £1 in the last column.

Deposit Journal ??
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Surname Forename(s) Mother's Maiden Name Year Sub-District Region Registers At Reference
COOKE James - WILCOX 1840 Ashton Town Cheshire Tameside AST/6/8