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Cornish Rebellion.


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swindon wilts
Christmas Eve and there was a strange whiff in the house,with accusing looks at each other and the poor cats getting the brunt.....as the evening went on the whiff got stronger and i was losing my patience,the drains were checked and the kitchen bin washed.
Xmas morning and it was unbearable....the stench was so strong:eek::eek:

And then it happened,as presents were unwrapped the beast emerged......a cheeseboard with Port....sadly our relly hadnt put the cheese board in a fridge for the week before and with the heat it resulted in a stinking slab of Cornish Brie!

In my underpants and the faint wintry sun trying to pop through on Xmas morning i cut a lonely figure running to the bin outside with the cheeseboard held out in front of me like a bomb about to explode:biggrin:

PS.....i kept the Port:)

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