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Coroners report access??

Hi. I'm new here so i thougt I'd say hello.

I'm researching a distant relative who I think (in the circumstances of her death) died of traumatic asphyxiation, but for various reasons I'd like to know the details. Does anyone know if it's possible to access the actual coroner's report from 1908? and if so how you go about it?
thanks :)
Hi Izzie and welcome to the forum :)

If there are any corners reports on the death, they will most likely be at either the local County Record Office or at The National Archives in Kew. There is an excellent (and inexpensive - £9.07) little book, published by the Federation of Family History Societies, called 'Coroners Records in England and Wales' by Gibson & Rogers (now in its 2nd edition). This can be bought from the FFHS online shop, or on Amazon here, or quite probably consulted at a good local library.

Hope that helps - let us know how you get on please.

all the best, :wink:
Thanks Dave- I can't find anything at the National Archives, so i suspect I'll have to go back to the Local studies department since they house all that kind of thing. I presumed that detailed coroner's reports would have been classed as a more private affair really, so perhaps it'll be easier than I thought :)
Thankyou for your help.
Hi Izzie
I don't know if this is any help to you (or anyone else), although it does not answer your query about the coroner's report.
A few months ago I found out that my father's first wife died from an accident and that there was an inquest As this happened in Gwent and I live in Birmingham, I got in touch with someone from Gwent Library who then sent me a list of researchers who would be willing to look things up for me (for a fee). Eventually one of the ladies on thie list was able to find a small piece in the local paper explaining the outcome of the inquest.
Are you in this country, perhaps a local library would have a similar list of researchers
Hope this is a bit of help to you, or anyone else
Ann :)
Thanks Ann- yes I 'm in England.

Actually the general outcome of the coroner's inquest was dealt with in pretty heafty detail in the local paper of the time (because the accident involved many children- 16 of whom died) - it's amazing the things they were prepared to print in those days..things they'd never dream of printing today, but I wanted a report more specific to the little girl in question. Her death certificate would obviously give me the official cause of death but I know what's written on there doesn't always reflect the actual circumstances.
For instance, when my Gran died years ago, she died of a sudden brain haemorrage, but the cause of death on the certificate was pneumonia.
I am, however fortunate that I'm in the same town though, so it shouldn't be to difficult a job-- I hope :)

Local newspapers can be very good as they should list most of what was said in the coroners inquests.

I did locate the coroners report of an ancestor who died in Suffolk in 1894 but most of what was said was actually reported in the local newspapers so they can be an excellent thing to fall back on if the survival rate for coroners reports for the time and period you are interested in is poor.