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Corrections - Just How! 1911 Census.


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dovercourt but born Enfield
Just in the last few days I have come across a problem that is affecting both Ancestry and FMP.
How is it possible to correct a transcription error if you cannot find the record transcription to correct!

FMP - Just finding the record on the census was very traumatic - on the normal search page input a Road just doesn't work, works for all other Census but not the 1911.(not found a way to report this fact) Managed to find the record after much searching so at least I have the record identity :-
RG14 PN985 RD10 SD7 ED16 SN74

Ancestry - If you know the record identity it doesn't seem possible to input it directly, but I did locate the record by stepping through loads of them but then there is no way to find just what the transcription was!

I am coming around to the fact that they must think their transcriptions are perfect seeing as they make it very difficult to correct an error.

Even FREEBMD don't make life easy, just try and tell them they missed an entry although I did receive a reply from them on how to do it unfortunately I wont bother as its so long winded I've forgotten it already! :2fun:

Well at least I try and correct errors I do find but they just don't make it easy!


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