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COSTIN family


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Thomas Didymus COSTIN b. 22 Jul 1804 Holborn, Middlesex d. 4 May 1864 Qld.

Maria Marianne E GREEN b. 1815 Camberwell, Surrey d. 13 Jan 1866 Qld.

Marriage: 9 Sep 1832 St Giles Camberwell


Harriet Maria b. abt 1839 ? where ? d. 29 Aug 1907 aged 68

Mary E. b. 1840 NSW or Qld. or just baptised in Australia.

Sarah Catherine b. 1846 NSW or Qld.

Family of 2 or 3 arrived in Australia. ???

Death reg for Harriet does not say 'born England' as it often does for those not born in the colonies. It seems from Mary's reg that the family had left England before the 1841 census.


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Dave have you seen this?
If its the right Thomas Costin it would prove they were here before 1841:confused:

NSW state archives
1841 census

COSTIN Thomas 0 Township Melbourne, County Bourke, District Port Phillip [X949] 129 2222
Thanks gibbo. No I've not seen that.

It's not clear from the reg if it is a NSW one or a Moreton Bay one on the NSW BMD. Victoria would be a surprise. Could be the same Thomas moving family north to Qld.

It's possible then that Harriet was born in Victoria hence no 'born England' bit.
Yes. I'd say so. Some hits on the Vic. BMD so email sent.
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I checked the Victorian shipping records again and can't find them. And the Bounty records from 1828.
Some did arrive on convict vessels and they are usually not listed. Yes, apart from the Bounty ones before 1839 it's much harder to find lists.
Just received these:

Surname: COSTIN
Given Names: Mary Elizabeth
Event: B
Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Maria
***: F
Birth Place: MELBOURNE
Death Place:
Year: 1840
Reg Number: 621
Denomination: PRESBYTERIAN
Fiche: 1093

Surname: COSTIN
Given Names: Henry Gilbert
Event: B
Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Maria
***: M
Birth Place: MELBOURNE
Death Place:
Year: 1842
Reg Number: 32979
Fiche: 471

Surname: COSTIN
Given Names: Charlotte Ann
Event: B
Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Maria
Birth Place: MELB
Death Place:
Year: 1844
Reg Number: 9993
Fiche: 211

No doubt now the family left before 1841 census.

So birth of Harriet Maria is still a mystery. Age at death suggests she was born in 1839 but reg does not say 'born England' as they usually do. So England to NZ to Victoria ??? Or born in Victoria and birth not registered.
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The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831 - 1842)
Monday 23 June 1834



From Portsmouth, on Thursday last, having sailed from thence the 9th of Feb., the ship Minerva, Captain Robertson, with merchandize. Passengers.-Mr. Amaziah Green, Mrs. Green, Mary, Sa- rah, Charlotte, and Thomas Green, Mr. Costen, and Mariah Costen.

Appears they come out with Maria's family.

This one finished now?
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Thanks gibbo. ;)

I had not found that site in previous searches.

I'd say 99% done. :2fun:

I'd like the port of arrival.

Harriet is the one I'm interested in. I notice it has these:

4 ii. Charles Hyndes Costin, born Abt. 1836 in VIC; died 09 Jun 1877 in Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
5 iii. William John Costin, born Abt. 1838 in VIC; died 01 Sep 1912 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
6 iv. Harriet Maria Costin, born Abt. 1839 in VIC; died 26 Aug 1907 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Looks as though the first three births were not registered.
I can't find the Minerva listed anywhere as arriving in 1834.

The Minerva made several trips to Australia with convicts but not in 1834. So if it arrived in 1834 it was not a convict voyage so where is it on the list? It's not on the Bounty list and not on the Convictions list for 1834.
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The Minerva that transported convicts made its last voyage in 1839 so it is possible it's the same vessel. But then again there is a Minerva that transported convicts in 1800. So there are at least 2x that name.

The only one I can find so far:

Minerva, departed from an unknown port and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, October 1847.

So this one is different again to the one that arrived in 1800. So we have at least 3x that name:

Transport: 530 tons. Built at Lancaster (in 1804) and registered in London. Sailed from Sheerness under the command of John Bell and arrived in Sydney on 16 December 1821, with 169 male prisoners and detachments of soldiers from 30th, 46th, 48th, 83rd, and 89th Regiments. Departed on 15 February 1822 (the same day as the Macquaries) bound for New Zealand.
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