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Could someone please....


Staff member
Robin Hood County
have a look at this baptism on A---------------.

Ann Goodwin - baptised 1806 - Finsbury St. Luke
Father Richard
Mother Ann

The birth year looks like 1797. It's the 12th one down.


I'm not getting any where in connecting Ann with these parents. I've gone back over the records. All censuses has Ann born Islington except for 1871 where place of birth is New Cross Herts. Theres a New Cross in Kent but not in Hertfordshire. Perhaps the enumerator misread Kent as Herts. On my x gt grandparents marriage one of the witnesses is a Mary Ann Goodwin. Would appreciate if anyone could find anything on Ann.

Thanks :)
Hi Julie

You may also have seen this on A..

Ann Goodwin
Birth Date: 26 Nov 1797
Baptism Date: 6 Aug 1806
Baptism Place: Saint Luke Old Street,Finsbury,London,England
Father: Richard Goodwin
Mother: Ann
FHL Film Number: 585440, 585441, 585442

Hi Geoff,'

That's the baptism I queried about the year of birth. I could be her's but it's finding a connection. The New Cross place of birth hasn't helped.
May not be significant, her age at death is 72y, suggesting b. 1799.

Also interesting is that the address at death matches the 1871 census, yet her age is given as 66y, a 6y gap :rolleyes:

The original 1797 birth date is a fairly close fit for age at death, but not census dates, which are fairly consistent around 1805/6 :rolleyes:

Thanks Geoff for having a look.

It took me a while to find her death because of the age difference. The 1797 year of birth is a good match but I cant find Mary Ann Goodwin to be a daughter of Richard and Ann so I can tie these together. There is one with parents Richard and Nancy. Nancy is also Ann on another child's baptism. Then there are children baptised to a Richard and Hannah. I've looked at naming pattern but if there is one its not in the right order. Eldest son was called John, 2nd eldest son Francis, eldest daughter Ann, 2nd daughter Lydia, then we have Charles, William and Matthew. :)