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Could the bottom signature be the same person as the top 2?


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My ancestor was Thomas Newman who died in 1832 in Little Wakering, Essex. Age given as 43 so born c1789 (or thereabouts). He was a shoemaker. He married twice, his first wife died shortly after and he quickly remarried. I dont think he had any children from his first wife Amy Porter. I descend from his 2nd wife Mary Boosey.

I typed anyone with the surname Newman born 1785-1795 living in the Rochford area of Essex into Anc to see any potential rellies of Thomas. A William Newman is in the 1851 census born c1790 in Rochford, Essex, a shoemaker living in Canewdon, not far from Gt and Little Wakering. Wife Elizabeth born 1791 in Hockley. It seems he married Eliz Creasey in 1817 in Great Wakering, Essex. An Eliz Creasey was baptised in Hockley in 1789.

A William Newman (1789) and Thomas Newman (1792) were baptised in Rochford sons of John and Mary Newman. I think a John Newman shoemaker took on an apprentice in the Anc Apprenticeship Indentures.

Now when William Newman married in 1817 one of the witnesses was Thomas Newman and it seems his signature is very similar to my Thomas Newman.

I compiled a list of the Thos Newman signatures. The top 2 are from my Thomas Newman's marriages. The bottom one is the signature of the Thos Newman who witnessed William's marriage.


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