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Couling 1881


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Robin Hood County
Civil parish Clerkenwell
Address 34, St. Helena Place

Stephen Wade head age 50 occ cant quite make it out born Rickinghall Suffolk
Emma Sophia wife age 51 born South Wales (pob transcribed as Clerkenwell)
William John son age age 12 born Clerkenwell
Emma dau age 19 occ fancy box make born Clerkenwell
Emily dau age 10 born Clerkenwell
Albert William Wade g/son age 10 born Clerkenwell
Louisa Bowles widower dau age 29 occ launderess born St Pancras
Ada Bowles g/dau age 5 born Clerkenwell
Henry Bowles g/son age 1 born Clerkenwell
Robert Couling son in law age 35 occ warehouseman born Clerkenwell
Eliza Rosina Couling dau age 25 born Clerkenwell
Alice Martha Couling g/dau age 2 born Clerkenwell
Rosina Helen Couling g/dau born Clerkenwell

The 1881 census is free to view.

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