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county Tioga birth


:confused:I have tried all the usual avenues,but I must be missing something. Can anyone please help.

Looking for a William J Lewis born USA. I have found a few census returns for him for 1891, 1901 and 1911(all in Wales UK) The 1911 states birth place as Morris Run in Tioga county Pennslyvania.
Looking for his parents, he should also have a sister Mary(born Glamorganshire Wales)

Running out of ideas...

Hi Syrah,

Have you obtained William's marriage to Ruth,his second wife? That would give you his father's name and you already know his mother is Mary from the 1891 census. Once you know his father you can try and look for them as a couple in the British and American cenus? They probably had older children in America as Mary D White the grandaughter was born there in 1887

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Hi Barbara, thanks

No certificate, may not be 100% right.

The granddaughter is his, sister Mary's daughter, from her first marriage, but un able to locate where she got married either time.

I was hoping there was an archive in Pennsylvania that was online and could find Williams baptism.

No but do you think he would have reason to lie on a certificate?and it would give you a clue as to his father. His sister also said she was born in Wales, how about her certificate. I believe you can send for certificates in Pennsylvania but that it is expensive to do so and you would need to know the details. A lot is on A though. Someone from America may correct me on this but when looking for my Mass. relations I found it hard unless it was on A. You could try one of the Pennysylvania forums for help in exactly what there is but you do have a few clues already with the sister and niece.

I take it you have looked for ship records too? They must have come back to Wales between 1888 and 1891 if Mary D is Mary Evan's child.

This looks a strong contender

1870 in the right area. Mary senior is right age and so is young Mary
Mary Lewis
Age in 1870: 2
Birth Year: abt 1868
Birthplace: Wales
Home in 1870: Fall Brook, Tioga, Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Post Office: Liberty
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members: Name Age
Lewis Lewis 33
Mary Lewis 24
Edward Lewis 5
Mary Lewis 2
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William John Lewis
Age: 6
Birth Year: abt 1874
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Hamilton, Tioga, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Son
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: James Lewis
Father's Birthplace: Wales
Mother's name: Marey Lewis
Mother's Birthplace: Wales
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: At Home
Cannot read/write:

Household Members: Name Age
James Lewis 46
Marey Lewis 35
Marey Ann Lewis 14
William John Lewis 6

This one is a contender too? But Mary was Mary G in the 91.
Oh yes I too have come across people lying on certificates.
Spent all day going through passenger lists on ancestry and FMP. Rather thought Mary Adelia White would have appeared as she would have been an infant, but no luck for her or any of the family, whether a Lewis, Evans or White.

There is rather some confusion with the family as to who came from where and what they did, even their names. There is talk that both mother and daughter
Mary Lewis, White, Evans and Mary Adelia were on stage all over the US, but don't know where to look for this info.

I looked too and couldn't find any of the family on board a ship. Was there a theatre in that part of Pennsylvania? You maybe need some local knowledge of that area who would know where to look for actors etc. Rootsweb are bound to have mailing lists for the area.

Sometimes they try and hide things on certificates but they often give things away without meaning to. I would still be building on what you know with such a common name. Even in that area of Pennsylvania there were quite a few Lewis families from Wales and how would you know you had the right William.

Good luck with it Syrah.