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CRANE family in Norfolk


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Thomas CRANE & Elizabeth KING
29 November 1835 St. James With Pockthorpe, Norwich, Norfolk

Susanna Crane
birth: 28 Aug
christening: 22 September 1844 North Walsham, Norfolk
parents: Thomas Crane, Elizabeth

That possible baptism does not seem to agree with birth reg in index.

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1841, 1851 and 1861.

CRANE Susanna 19 'General Caulfield' 3 Sep 1864 217 18474 Z1957 M1696

Qld. Marriage 24 Jan 1865/C0040 Harrold Robert - Crane Susannah

Last name HARROLD
First name(s) Susanna
Maiden name
Gender Female
Religion Anglican
Date of birth Date not available.
Date of death 8 June 1897
Date of burial 9 June 1897
Age at death 52 Years
Cemetery Drayton & Toowoomba
Interment number CE7-12-012-0002

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Hi Dave

Thomas Crane
Born abt 1811 Norfolk, England
Occ: Ag Lab

Civil Parish: North Walsham
Hundred: Tunstead
County: Norfolk
RD: Erpingham
Sub-RD: North Walsham
ED: 1
HO107; Piece: 784; Book: 23

Thomas Crane 30
Elizabeth Crane 25
David Crane 4
Elizabeth Crane 2
George Crane 7 Mo
[Wife & offspring b. Norfolk]


Something to ponder..

Deaths Q1 1843
CRANE Susannah Docking 13 51

Deaths Q1 1844
Crane Susanna Walsingham 13 239
CRANE Susanna Walsingham 13 289

Deaths Q3 1846
CRANE Susannah Walsingham 13 255
Thanks Geoff.

There may not be a birth reg that fits baptism record if birth date is 28 Aug 1844.

I'm off for about 5 hours so catch you later.
This may be the family in 1861..

Thomas Crane
Born abt 1808 Hoveton, St John
Occ: Brick maker

Civil Parish: Banningham
County: Norfolk
RD: Aylsham
Sub-RD: Buxton
ED: 5
RG 9; Piece: 1206; Folio: 83; Page: 6

Thomas Crane 53
Elizabeth Crane 46 [b. Cantley]
Christina Crane 14
Clara Crane 7
Robert Crane 6
James Crane 4
All offspring b. North Walsham]

This is all I could retrieve from the General Caulfield, similar to you...

CRANE Susanna 19 General Caulfield 3 Sep 1864 IMM/112 217 Z1957

Susanna Crane
Age: 19
Born abt 1845
Ship Name: General Caulfield
Port of Departure: Southampton, England
Port of Arrival: Brisbane
Arrival Date: 3 Sep 1864

Can't even pin down her birth place from that.

If this is the one, it's interesting that there is only about 4 months from her arrival to the marriage :rolleyes:

Thanks Geoff.

Nothing on the Qld. shipping records to indicate place of origin.

I don't have enough info yet on possible siblings to be sure that is the family in 1861.

I'll search for some trees to lead us astray. :biggrin:
Looks like Robert Harrold was b. Suffolk abt. 1835..

This may be him, but there's no image yet:
Robert Harold
Birth Year: abt 1838
Ship Name: Warren Hastings
Port of Arrival: Brisbane
Arrival Date: 26 Apr 1863

Thanks Geoff: :)

Qld. Death 1907/C01129 Harrold Robert - Robert Harrold - Harriet (possibly PERRY)

Last name HARROLD
First name(s) Robert
Maiden name
Gender Male
Religion Anglican
Date of birth Date not available.
Date of death 31 January 1907
Date of burial 2 February 1907
Age at death 70 Years
Cemetery Drayton & Toowoomba
Interment number CE7-12-012-0005

A tree says Thrandeston for 1841 and 1851 and Palgrave for Robert for 1861.
The 1861 census I found was Thrandeston, may be you were looking at the civil parish..

Edit: For the birth..
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Thanks Geoff. :)

I can't find a baptism for Robert or the marriage of his parents. I have not seen any of the census yet for HARROLD family.

I took the census locations for Robert junior off a tree. Yes, the tree could be wrong.

Yes, the same tree has Susanna born Australia - I have since dismissed that as utterly foolish :biggrin:

I'd say we have the right Susanna and the right arrival. Also I'd say that's the correct arrival for Robert junior.

That's all I can say for sure just now.

Yeah, makes sense he went out first, she followed 1864, they married Jan 1865. Just a case of qualifying the loose ends..
Surname perhaps wrongly transcribed...

Suffolk, England, Extracted Parish Records
Text: Robert Hurrell, w., & Harriet Perry, both of Thrandeston 26 Dec 1826
Book: Marriages at Withersdale, 1660 to 1837. (Marriage)
Collection: Suffolk: - Registers of Marriages (Various Parishes), 1539-1837

Thanks Geoff.

Oh. I missed that. He was a widower.

1st 1823 to a Charlotte BOND. ???
Name: Charlotte Bond
Spouse: Robt Harrold
Spouse Comments: cons of parents
Marriage Date: 1823
Parish: Thrandrston Sufk 4