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Crisis over graveyard maintenance - Discuss

Somewhere underneath this bracken and leaves lays the body of my great, great, great grandfather William Thomas Coombs who died in London in 1885. There must be around 5000 other bodies with him so deciding which skeleton was Williams is like finding a needle in a giant, giant haystack.


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At least I know that William Coombs body is embedded under there somehwere amongst thousands of others. Out of all those skeletons, one of them was William's.

I agree with what people are saying took my children to see my husbands grandparents grave in Uphill near Weston Super Mare the church is on a hill and not used anymore as they have a new church in village the old church has no roof but the graveyard is completly overgrown with weeds and brambles as we live away away we cannot do anything as otheirs seem unable to either such a shame as it right on top of hill and would be lovely if maintained.Christine (craftycsh)
My mums cemetry was one of those sold by the conservatives last time they were in for ( ready for this 5 pence). The next time i went up there it was like a murder scene. red and white tape over all the head stones my mums headstone was lying on the floor as the grave next to mums had been open and my mums moved and broken. This is where i wished my mum had been cremated i hate the thought that all my rellies are burried in what amounts to a tip. its such a shame i wish i could have them all moved into a family plot.

I bought a lovely tree for my garden and sit there and its a bit like a family memorial.

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