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Cudd Family, Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire.


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In 1775 my ancestor Richard Brain wed Hannah Cudd at Wooton by Woodstock in Oxfordshire. Hannah was born about 1753/1754.

In 1772 an Ann Cudd wed in Wootton by Woodstock and one of the witnesses was a William Cudd. In 1767 a Mary Cudd wed a James Rickson in Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. William Cudd died in 1810 in Sunningwell, Berkshire aged 63 so born about 1747. I think he wed in 1775 in Woodstock itself.

I believe William, Hannah, Ann and Mary were siblings. In 1742 a William Cudd wed Mary Tidmarsh in Daylesford, Gloucestershire near the Oxon border and they had a Mary and Ann Cudd baptised in 1742 and 1744 in nearby Aldestrop, Gloucestershire. That may be the elder siblings of William and Hannah Cudd. And Cudd is a pretty rare name and a Gloucestershire name mainly.

Hi Steve

Wootton in Oxon is only about 10 or 12 miles from the Oxon, Gloucestershire border.

I am sure the Ann born 1742 and Mary born 1744 in Adlestrop to William and Mary are the siblings of William and Hannah.

I noticed Richard and Hannah Brain, James and Ann Austin and William and Mary Cudd had children with similar naming patterns such as Martha, George.

And even though it has not been confirmed Richard Brain's parents may have originated in Northamptonshire.

But as said I am sure the Ann and Mary are the ones who are siblings of William and Hannah Cudd. So it does look like they came from sunny Gloucestershire.
I believe there was once a member of the Cudd family who emigrated abroad and was ate by cannibals giving use to the phrase.........Chewing the Cudd.

Just wondering if anyone has any further info.



#Mary Cudd chr. 19/11/1775 mother #Sarah Cudd. Sarah Cudd married #Joseph Pegler 18/12/1776 so it would appear that Mary was born before her parents married.

#Sarah Cudd chr. 13/10/1751 at Painswick parents #Stephen Cudd & #Hester Sparrow who married 1/1/1747 Painswick. A Stephen Cudd was chr. 14/3/1717 father Richard & another Stephen 18/4/1722 father Stephen both at Painswick. More than likely the latter.