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Cure for a limp


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Father and son were out shopping. The father had one leg shorter than the other, and his son had a stutter.
The son exclaimed "Ddddad I hhhhave a cccure ffor yyour llimp"
Father asks "Whats the cure son".
Son says "Iiiif yyou wwalk wwwith oone fffoot in thhe ggguter, you wwill wwwalk upppright".

So the father tries this and gets on famously. "Well done" he says, "brilliant".
No sooner had he said that, a bus comes along and hits him from behind.

Dad ends up in hospital, in plaster from head to foot, but alive and talking.

His son walks in rather sheepishly, with some flowers.
His father looks at him and says, "I have a cure for your stutter son".

The little lad's face light up with anticipation and asks "Wwwhats the cccure ddad".

His father replies.

"Keep your mouth Shut".