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Curious Fox

Does anyone here use this site? Apologies if it's already had a mention but didn't find it in 4 pages so think, for newbies at least, it's worth a mention.
Give it a go - worth a try. Surprising how it can be true that "Every Little Helps"
Been both helped and satisfied from helping on Curious Fox - similar to this site but seemingly on a much smaller scale, or so it seems. I've found it very useful :)

I've known about it for over a year. I've only used it by trying to contact those who have posted queries but never received a reply. I've not joined so I've not posted my own queries there. For some queries in specific town/villages it looks as though it could be worth a try.

I have used this site and as previously stated,any avenue might help.
Their email advise of new messages to the user subscribed counties etc is interesting and has been of use to me in the past.
Not a patch on FH UK though
I posted on it several years ago but never got a reply. I tried replying to people too but no one ever replied. Maybe its not good at notifying people.
Don't take it to heart DW, sometimes things can get missed on here, its because it's a busy forum. Have you found any more interesting links relating to occupations though? I'd be interested to read if you have.