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Custom Avatars

PLEASE more custom avatars under members names,preferably pictures of the members themselves.
I'm sure members have stores of old photos,they can be unflattering or just cute it doesn't matter.
I find it not only amusing,but also gives a personal touch to the site.After all we are one big family with a common aim.
Hi Prefab kid,
I agree it would be interesting with custom avatar's myself I draw the line of seeing my ugly face staring back at me:eek: the only problem you have to realize is some of the family members may not have the means of reducing and processing photographs to use as custom avatars all we can say is if any members do have the inclination, let there be avatars!
best regards StericoO0
Hi All,

Everyone (members) has the facility to upload their own photos or pictures for their own avatar.

We have some default avatars which you can choose - BUT if anyone has any other (relevant) avatars to add to our gallery for members to use, then please contact me direct.

Or if anyone would like to suggest anything else, then please respond and suggest here......

All the best,