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Cuthberts in Lancashire


Does anyone have any idea how common (or not) the Christian name Cuthbert was in Lancashire in the 1690's? My family trail dies out with Cutbert/Cudbert Gibson in Burnley in 1695. My guess is that he moved there from the North-East, but that's just guesswork.

Oh, and I claim my prize for this month's most obscure question :biggrin:
hi guy
Paid a visit to Burnley central library on your behalf this afternoon. As you would prob expect they have no register of christian names at all, so I made a quick sample check of two parish registers. One had 2 Cuthberts and the other had 1 Cuthbart ( none of these was your man by the way.) As a surname it is much more common. I found a 1740 trade directory that listed 11 Cuthberts, 2 Cuthbarts,1 Cuddbart, and 1 Cudbarts but I don't s'pos that is much help in what you are after is it?Dont really know how to answer your question, is it common in Burnley, but in growning up I knew two Cuthberts. One was our old insurance man and the other I went to school with, so I s'pos it is still crossing generations although I havnt come across it recently. Don't know if any of this helps. P.S if you get a prize for the most obscure question, maybe I deserve one for the worst answer
Thanks Patrick, that's great. The IGI marriage record just says he was 'of Burnley', so he could easily have been a blow-in (as they say round here).

'My' Cutbert settled in Great Harwood, and there were a few Cuthbert Gibsons there after he'd moved in, due to the usual re-using of relatives names. I couldn't find any Cuthberts, nor any Gibsons there before his day (there's a really good site for Gt. Harwood genealogy here: http://www.great-harwood.org.uk/genealogy/index.htm by the way, if anyone's interested).

I found one Cuthbert Gibson, b. 1694 in Whitburn, Co. Durham. His parents were John and Anne. John has been re-used in my family, too, including Cutbert's first son and three others in the 18th and 19th centuries, but then it's not exactly a rare name.