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Czech Republic - Zatec

Hi Guys,
I am trying to look into my Mothers family side, who originated from Zatec in the Czech Republic.

We have some copies of what is assumed the Marriage certificate and other papers in German, but as we don't understand Czech we would appreciate assistance in this, we can say that they married on the 28th April 1928 Fathers name was : Alois Popelka and Mothers name was : Theresea Ldssig the address we think is Dobritscsan, Cnr 40, Bezirk, Saaz as was but now Zatec.

Mothers Fathers name was : Edmund Ldssig and it looks like his Father was also called: Alois Popelka.

Edmund was assume came from Praq originally

Thanks in advance for any help with this search would be appreciated

Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the link, trying but having difficulty finding the names, what I also need is some kind person that could translate a couple of old 1940s Czech Documents that seems to relate to my Grandparents Marriage we think and they keep referring to a place called Dobritschan, Saaz or Zatec as we now know where the marriage seems to have taken place in 1928. but can find nothing not even the place name listed anywhere.

I should also mention that my Grandparents moved to Bavaria a place called Mainburg, we are not sure of the dates and or whether we should perhaps start there?

I would appreciate any assistance with pointing me in the right direction.


Hi Peter

I wonder if it is worth contacting your local council for advice on translation of your documents. Having 'googled' Czech Translations it does appear quite expensive.

I'm not sure whether or not you can scan and copy to, say, MS Word then get google to translate it?

Hi Geoff,
thanks for the reply, we did look into having the documents translated and yes it worked out pretty expensive, and I did scan them, might be my mistake that they were scanned as pictures which I have tried to change to documents but no luck as the google translation would have been great but as its old Czech see attached not too sure if that would work.

As an aside I have also been checking the German side as they moved there at some stage, I eventually found the cemetery and indeed a copy of the receipt for the last payment for my Grandfather and Grandmothers grave as they are rented for max 30 years at a time, it seems that unless you visit the actual municipalities information is pretty much impossible!

Thanks and regards