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Daniel Brammall

Daniel Brammall was born in Sheffield at White House in Highfield Sheffield He followed his father's trade of file manufacturer and bought some land behind website where he built his House called Sheaf House sometime between 1800 & 1816. I can't found when he died. It is suggested that he died in Paris in 1830 but am unsure of this as his House doesn't seem to have been sold for a considerable number of years later.

White House Lane became known as Bramall Lane Sheaf House became an Hotel and had extensive grounds which was hosting cricket matches till 1904. Further down the road a little is the Bramall Lane Stadium but it was the Sheaf House Grounds that hosted the first match of Sheffield Wednesday in October 1867.

What I am trying to do is write the story of the House and grounds. After Daniel Brammall died the House was bought by a George Younge who died in 1860 aged 81. There seems some years before the House passed out of the family and it next mention would appear to be in 1870 when it is mentioned as the Sheaf House Hotel.

Any references you can find re Daniel Brammall and Sheaf House would be useful.
This sounds a fascinating study. Have you looked at the British Newspapers on Line. There are literally hundreds of references to Sheaf House which I have only scanned quickly. I appreciate you cannot always rely on newspapers for accuracy. But is a good start. there are lots of reports about Athletics meetings, the gardens, some illegal gambling with court reports and lots more!

There are a good many hours reading here and the you could try the National Archives through A2A

Best regards

Already been through the Newspaper Archives I have access too but cannot find details of Daniel Brammall. Also no clear account of Sheaf House becoming Hotel. General details of Sheaf House History are vague and unreliable. Daniel Brammall was supposed to have a daughter Mary who was a poet and the House was said to be full of poets and artists including the sculptor Francis Chantrey who fell in love with Mary. However he was married in 1809 to someone else and went to live in London and as Sheaf House was not supposed to have been built till 1816 either the date for the House is wrong or the story somewhat fanciful.
There is a Daniel Bramhall c.1791. Sheffield, living in Crompton, Lancs, in 1861 census. He is a Clergyman.

There is a picture from a book on someones tree, that has a picture of him, and his wife, Jane (nee.Forster) c1797-1860). Printed above his image, is this:

'Part of Sheffield, showing White House and Sheaf House, from Ordinance Survey of Sheffield, 1854. (British Museum).'

According to the tree, he died, 25 Nov 1865 in Shaw, Prestwich-cum-Oldham, Lancashire.

I'll keep looking.:biggrin:
1861 census.

Daniel Brammall
Age: 70
abt 1791

Born: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Civil Parish: Crompton
Ecclesiastical parish: Goodshaw
Address - The Parsonage.

Reg District: Oldham
Sub-reg Dist - Crompton
ED, 7

Household Schedule Number: 99.Piece:3031. Folio: 54. Page: 18

Daniel Brammall 70. Occ. Clergyman.
Elizabeth A Brammall 35. Duaghter. b.Elham, Kent.
Sidney B B Brammall 19. Son. b.Crompton, Lancs.

He apparently had a son, Charles Joseph Bramhall, born 13 Mar 1830 in Eltham, Kent, England.

Thought he was a file cutter. Daniel's wife was related to Rev. Peter Robinson vicar of Norton so definitely clergy in the family. Presumably Daniel was baptised at cathedral St Peters or possibly St Pauls
1851 census.

Danl Brammall
Age: 60
abt 1791

Spouse's - Jane Brammall

Born: Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Civil Parish: Crompton
Ecclesiastical parish: Holy Trinity

Address - Parsonage.

Occupation - Incumbant of Shaw.

Registration District: Oldham
Sub-registration District: Royton
ED, institution, or vessel: 7d

Danl Brammall 60
Jane Brammall 52. b.Dalton, Northumberland.
Jane Mary Brammall 30
Edward John Brammall 28
William Foster Brammall 26
Edwin Brammall 18
Sidney B B Brammall 9

All children born Elham, Kent, except Sidney.

1841 census.

All Living in Crompton.

Plus, C J Brammell. aged 5. n.b.i.c. (I assume this to be Charles Joseph Brammall).

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You may already have this

The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent (Sheffield, England), Saturday, February 27, 1841

On Tuesday week, in the 76 year of her age, Margaret, relict of Mr Daniel Brammall, formally of Sheaf House.
Is the road...sorry lane where the worlds oldest football club play named after him?

Because its not a lane anymore:biggrin:

Lane was named after family rather than him personally as Brammalls had been in area since about mid 18thc. The actual land for the Stadium was the Duke of Norfolk's and bought by the Sheffield United Cricket clubs. Football was just seen as a way to keep the cricket players fit in the winter months.
The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent (Sheffield, England), Saturday, July 15, 1843

On Tuesday last at the Parish Church by the Rev Mr Newbald, Stephen Melland esq of Ashgate Cottage, Chesterfield to Margaret Robinson, daughter of the late Mr D Brammall, formally of Sheaf House
You may already have this

The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent (Sheffield, England), Saturday, February 27, 1841

On Tuesday week, in the 76 year of her age, Margaret, relict of Mr Daniel Brammall, formally of Sheaf House.

This would mean that Daniel died before her ie before 1841 which mean he may well have died in France in 1830. Also means the Lancashire Daniel is not the right one as he can't be alive and dead at same time. He may have had son called Daniel of course.
George Younge appears to have Sheaf House in 1828

The Sheffield Independent, and Yorkshire and Derbyshire Advertiser (Sheffield, England), Saturday, December 13, 1828
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There is a mention of Bankruptcy re Daniel Brammall of Whitehouse in 1828. A mention of Daniel dying in France in 1830 in an article on Chantrey's artwork.

The sale of White house, cottages and modern house was sold in 1844 as formerly belonging to Daniel Brammall and I am assuming modern house was Sheaf House as White House was Tudor in origin with a cluster of workshops & cottages. There are still photos of it in Sheffield Picture Archive. 1844 would be 3 years after his widows death.
I have found several references to his bankruptcy in 1821 and partnerships with Thomas Brammall and son.

I am not sure yet about the Clergy connection although it may be a son Daniel

Sheffield independent Sat 27th Feb 1841 reports a death " on Tuesday week in the 76th year of her age Margaret relict of Mr Daniel Brammall formerly of sheath house"

This means Daniel was dead by Feb 1841
He was alive in 1839 when following his bankruptcy he paid a 3rd and final dividend at Tontine inn Sheffield

I am wondering if Tontine Inn is in fact the hotel you mention as several reference to that inn in connection to him

He also seems to have been in a partnership of cutlers which was dissolved in 1807

Saturday 19th October 1844 lists the sale of the Whitehouse

Sorry only a series of snippets but might be of help. I assume you have looked at wills?

It appears your Daniel had brothers by the names of Samuel and Thomas.
There are mentions of Samuel and Thomas in different family notices but all state "late of Sheaf House" or "of White house."