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Daniel Mealing

I am trying to find where a Daniel Mealing was living in the 1841 census i believe he had the following with him.

MARY A MEALING 0 West Bromwich
MARY AN MEALING 20 West Bromwich i assume Mary Ann was his wife.I think Daniel was born in Gloucester abt 1812-1815.Can anyone help.Thank You.Cumbrian

found this entry (though not very clear)

Lyng Road, Lingfield, West Bromwich

Dan Mealing age 25yrs
Mary Mealing age 20yrs
Priscila Mealing age 5yrs
Elizh Mealing age 2yrs
Mary A Age 3months

can't decipher what Dan did for a job

Pat thank you for your help,you could be right about Dans occupation,there where a few stonemasons in this side of the family.I am a little confused,i had a Susanna aged 5 you have a Priscila will this be the same person,i am not yet an expert at family history and easily get confused.Thanks Again.Cumbrian
Hi again

it could have been transcribed wrong - the original is very poor - but it does have same amount of letters and does end in A!! have had a quick look for any Priscila's born around 1836 and no luck, but there is one Susanna(H) Mealing, if you want anything else checking get back to me

Pat hello again,if you have time could you do one more check for me.I am after Joseph Mealing brn abt 1834 i have been told he was a son of Daniel Mealing,but he is not with them in the 1841 census.Can you help.Thank You.Cumbrian
Hi Cumbrian

not having much luck with Joseph, unless he was called Joseph Butwell Mealing. there's a public tree with the following info
Daniel Mealing born Gloucester 1811 died London 1868 married to Mary Ann Thompson born Coventry 1817 died Conneticut USA ?1870children:
Joseph Butwell 1835 - 1891
Priscilla A 1836 - 1925
Eliz 1837 -
William 1846 - 1906
Rhoda Susanna 1849 -
Eliza Emma 1850 - 1912
Sarah 1853 -
Fanny 1857 -

there are quite a few trees on the go, not all with quite the same info

Parents of Mary Ann - William Thompson & Sarah Wakelin?
Parents of Daniel - ? Mealing b.1782 ? Butwell b. 1782?

Don't know if any of this is connected to your search!

Pat :confused:
Pat thank you very much for this info,this looks very promising i have been told there is a Butwell in the family,so Joseph Butwell Mealing could be the one.I will see what i can do on my own now.Thanks again Pat for your help.Cumbrian