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Danny Dyer's link to blue blood.


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I do admit to watching EastEnders. Danny Dyer is enjoying the fact that he has proven a link to royalty.

His several times ancestor was Charles Gosnold born c1730. He is the very likely son of Tendring Gosnold, and Tendring is the descendent of the royal family. However as yet a baptism of a Charles to Tendring Gosnold has not been found. But there is other evidence to probably confirm Charles was Tendring's son. Tendring married Ann Reynolds in 1723 and it seems Tendring died in about 1733. Some family trees say he died in India but this is unconfirmed.

In 1752, a Charles Gosnold, son of Ann, was apprenticed as a weaver in Norwich.

Charles Gosnold married Sarah French in Norwich in 1753. A Charles Tendring Gosnold, infant, was buried in Norwich in 1755, no parents listed on burial, and no known baptism has been found.