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Date of birth record?

Evening all
I posted this enquiry on the "Births" forum, about ten days ago; however, I haven't had any joy there, and this forum appears to be far more active. My name's Ian and I'm from Liverpool. I have a burning question, but I don't know if this is the correct arena to post it, anyway, here goes!

I've accurately plotted my family tree back to my g/g/grandfather William McKay (born Scotland 1817): I have his marriage cert (Chester 1847) which names his father as Robert. I also have his death cert (Liverpool 1871). My problem is that, try as I might, I can't find any verification of g/g/grandaddy's actual date of birth, back in 1817.

On Scotlands people I have found a Robert McKay who sired a son, born in Caithness, on the 4th March 1817; ( there weren't many people up there in 1817 !), and christened him William on 23rd December 1817. However, unless I can find some official record of William's actual D.O.B, here in the Liverpool/Chester area, (or anywhere else), I can't say, with certainty, that the boy child born in Scotland on 4th March is really William McKay, my g/g/grandfather; and, therefore, I have a "match"!

Can anyone suggest where, in Victorian England, I might find a record of the date of birth for William McKay, (born Scotland), in the Liverpool / Chester area? :confused:

not sure if this is of any help found same record as you on

William Mackay
Birth 4th December 1817 Milnetown, Reay Caithness
Parents Robert Mackay and Janet Davidson

Christening 23rd Dec 1817 Reay Caithness Scotland
Parents robert Mackay and Janet Davidson

Have you tried contacting
Caithness Family History Society www.caithnessfhs.org was not able to get on site straight away but it is working

Aberdeen and North East Scotland FHS www.anesfhs.org.uk

You might find someone will do a look up for you or might even be researching the same family

Good luck