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Dave Mitchinson

I have just joined and would like to introduce myself, I was born 22 Aug 1941 and lived in Russell Close, Bexleyheath until 1967. I would like to research my family history, which now I'm older leaves a lot of gaps that have never bothered me in the past but do now. Both my Mother & Father passed away when I was 26-28 and since then I dont know much. My Dad had a brother when he lived at home in Gateshead, Durham, and went to Canada for fourteen yearsand my mother had six sisters and two brothers, one of whom died in the war as a tail gunner, they came from East Ham, Barking. I can remember going to see them as a child, but then it just seems to peter out.
I have recently retired from publishing and live at Greatstone, Kent. My wife and I enjoy walking and our hobbies of Model railways and dolls houses as well as going away for short breaks to Exmoor etc. I dont know how I seem to know so little about relatives, somehow it didn't matter when I was young.
I'm just starting this quest, so if anyone can help while we muddle along by ourselves it would be appreciated.
Hi and welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frustrating world of ancestral research.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest to find your ancestral past and our members will help you wherever they can in your search.
To help us to help you, please post your questions; with as much relevant information that you do have in your possession, on the relevant forums and that will assist our members to be able to help you find those answers you are looking for.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy our numerous forums.
Best regards Sterico .
welcome Dave

Do you have any birth,marriage or death certificates ? We normally start with those and work backwards. If you don't have them, is there someone in the family who does have them ? Then you can post relevant questions under the headings on the Forum site.

Good luck with your ancestors