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David John Thomas - Florence May Watts - more questions than answers

Any help to answer any of these brickwalls would be appreciated as I have been struggling for too long now

Best Regards Ron

David John Thomas - Florence May Watts

Known Facts:

1911 lived 10 Hosea Row Landore Swansea
David John Aged 21 - Drapers Assistant

Married 2 August 1930 - St Pauls, Landore, Glamorgan

David John aged 40 - Drapers Assistant - Address: 10 Hosea Row Landore Swansea
Florence May Geary Aged 23 ( Widow ) - Address: Fern Street, Cwmbwrla

David John & Florence May - Address: Red Lion Hotel, Morriston, Swansea
Licenced Victueller 4 Nov 1936

They moved to London when dad was little


What was My Grandfather's D.O.B

What was My Grandmother's D.O.B

Where in London did they move to - possibly during WW2 or just after

Did David John remain a Licenced Victueller - where would I go to find out

When and where did my Grandfather die

When and where did my Grandmother die


John Thomas - Maria Ann Samuel

Known Facts:

Maria Born 17 Dec 1858 - Address: Villiers Street, Swansea
Father - John Samuel - Furnaceman
Mother - Mary Samuel ( Formerly Edwards )

Married 10 June 1879 - Swansea, Glamorgan

John aged 23 - Collier - address: Llangafelach
Maria aged 21 - Domestic Servant - address: Llangafelach

1911 lived 10 Hosea Road Landore Swansea
John Thomas Aged 55 - Masons Labourer - Address: 10 Hosea Road Landore Swansea
Maria Ann Aged 53

1901 - Mary Samuel Aged 73
Pauper Inmate Union Workhouse
Swansea, Glamorgan


What was My Great Grandfather's D.O.B

What Collery did John work in

When and where did my Great Grandfather die

When and where did my Great Grandmother die


David Thomas - Mary ( Unknown )

Known Facts:
David 1879 - Collier


What was Mary's Maiden Name

What was My 2x Great Grandfather's D.O.B

What was My 2x Great Grandmother's D.O.B

What Collery did David work in

When and where did my 2x Great Grandfather die

When and where did my 2x Great Grandmother die
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The best way to obtain an exact DoB is to purchase a copy of their birth certificates from the GRO or the local registrar where they were born, first though if purchasing from the GRO you need to identify the births on the index.

I assume that you have a copy of the marriage certificate as you know where and when they were married, this should have the names and occupations of their fathers which in the case of Florence May Watts should enable you to identify her on the 1911 census, which will give a place of birth and confirm that the age given on her marriage is reasonably accurate. You could also obtain her first marriage certificate as a further check that the details agree. I think this is probably to a David J Geary, Cardiff, Dec 1926, 11a, 656. A coincidence that both husbands are David J, but oddly I cannot see a death for David J Geary which makes me wonder if perhaps I am wrong. As this marriage was in Cardiff I would assume that Florence was living there at the time, was she born there? Assuming her age was correct at marriage I can only see 2 births of Florence May Watts in Glamorgan around the correct time one in Merthyr Tydfil, June 1906, 11a, 756 and the other in Pontypridd, Mar 1907, 11a, 507, there is a birth in Cardiff but she was registered as Florence Ada Watts, however it is possible that your Florence used a different second name to that registered. I can see the Merthy Tydfil Florence on the 1911 census with parents Henry and Mary Ann and the Cardiff one with parents William and Louisa, I cannot positively identify the other but with the name of her father you can quickly exclude the wrong ones and hopefully see the correct one.

David John Thomas is more difficult as there are so many David Thomas to choose from. As you have the 1911 census though you know that his parents are John and Maria and that Swansea is given as PoB. I can see this family at the same address in 1901 where the PoB is still Swansea but his age is 12 so he could be a little older than given in 1911. I would suggest that you apply for his birth certificate from the GRO by answering the question 'Do you have the GRO reference?' with the answer NO, they will then give you a page to complete the details that you do have, if you give his DOB as 1889 or 1890 they will then search the registers for a David Thomas with parents John and Maria for that year and a year either side sending you any apropiate certificate, if one is not found your money is refunded. You could use this same aproach for Florence as well if you wish.
Florence married to Daniel John Geary in 1926 and he died in 1928

Daniel J Geary
Spouse Surname: Watts
Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1926
Registration district: Cardiff
Inferred County: Glamorganshire
Volume Number: 11a
Page Number: 656

I never thought about obtaining her first marriage cert but I think I need to to find out more on were she was born and lived .. regarding birth certs I will look to narrow the search as you say by ordering from the GRO

David John Thomas and family interestingly also lived at #5 Hosea Row before moving to #10

Thanks Again
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