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Death/Burial of Thomas Rogest/Roges?

i need some help!!!....i have unearthed today one of my brick walls.....which as we always like to think and hope, will be our gateway back into our family history....but i had to have a good laugh to myself when i realised it loox as though it begs more questions and conundrums!!!! the original information i had was as follows:

Louisa Buckland is my great great grandmother.....born abt 1832 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire....parents were Thomas Buckland (1791 to 1872) and Martha Rogeste (1806 to 1854).....

i couldnt find any baptisms for Louisa or Martha....Louisa has a shed load of siblings....and i managed to find the birth and baptisms ok.....parents listed as Thomas Buckland and Martha.....i eventually found the marriage entry for Thomas and Martha in 1834, on the IGI.....no parents names were given.....i couldnt find anything further.....as every time i entered the name, Rogeste, into any search facility.....it came up with the name Rochester....very annoying!!!!

So....looking thru the births of the siblings of Louisa who were born after civil registration began in 1837.....i decided to order the birth certificate of her younger sister Sophia.....2 Sophia Buckland's born in the same quarter of the same year (1838) frustrating!!! .....anyhow i ordered one.....wrong one!!!! teeth gritting!!!!.....ordered the other one....way heyyyyyyyyyyyy i got it!!!!.....

As i inspected the detail.....i noticed the mothers name was Martha Buckland, late Roges, formerly Monk!!! i jumped round the room a bit in a state of 'I'VE SUSSED IT!!!! gave myself a huge pat on the back.....as this one has foxed me for quite sometime....and i settled down to enter the information on to my tree....then realisation hit me!!!!! Martha had been married twice!!! oh the dreaded 2nd marriage.....and before civil registration too!!!

I started trying to sort out the mess.....and realised i'd actually not really answered anything constructive but given myself genealogists brain ache!!! i STILL could not find a baptism entry for my 2x great grandmother Louisa!!!....FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then had a thought, which was really very painful after such confusion.....lets try Louisa Rogeste/Roges.....and BANG!! up it come....Louisa Roges baptised 21 Aug 1831!!!! feeling very smug with myself....i teased my hubby a bit coz i had managed to break thru one of my brick walls and he still has loads hehehehehe......:2fun:

It didnt last long tho.....as io suddenly began to something wasn't quite right.....i searched the marriage for Martha and her first hubby, Thomas Rogeste/Roges....found that in 1826, Bucks....but i cant find a death entry for this man....so i am confused about Louisa's parentage.....it states Thomas Buckland as her father on the baptism entry.....but she carries her mother's 1st husband's name!!!! 'Oh Gnarly!!!!!!!!!!'......now i dont feel so smug!!!....

is there anyone out there that could possibly find a death/burial entry for Thomas Rogeste/Roges???? i cant find one........and im now wondering if im in a position of 'which line do i follow?' perhaps if that couold be found and i can work out some dates.....i may be able to assume who her father really was.....long shot i know.....but im chomping on the genealogical bit again :confused: :cool: :eek: